SilverCloud SkyMall GPS


Real-Time GPS Tracker Builds Buzz

SilverCloudOne thing every airplane passenger shares with other passengers is the fact that they will need to keep themselves occupied doing something during the flight. Although air travel connects the global landscape, and allows people to travel at an incredibly fast pace, the process of flying is still rather boring. This is why many airline passengers will read books, or the in-flight SkyMall magazine to pass a little time. However, it is one particular product in the latest edition of SkyMall, a GPS tracking system that has created quite the buzz among catalog shoppers.

SilverCloud GPS Tracking System

The Skymall GPS vehicle tracking device that has airline passengers and catalog shoppers intrigued is a personal GPS tracker called SilverCloud GPS. What makes the device different from other tracking units on the market is that this one can be used for a variety of other applications outside of the more common business GPS fleet management that most people associate monitoring technology with. SilverCloud GPS trackers are the very first universal monitoring devices strong enough for businesses, sophisticated enough to assist law enforcement with surveillance and user-friendly enough for consumers such as parents looking to manage teen driving.

“SkyMall has always brought unique and interesting products through their quarterly catalog to the masses traveling in airliners”, explained a business GPS tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Obviously, Tracking System Direct was immediately on board with the SilverCloud GPS after it was released by LandAirSea due to the superior design of the product, and simple functionality of operation. SkyMall clearly agrees with us that this product is so unique and special that it should be promoted and showcased to consumers throughout the globe.”

People interested in learning more about the different features of SilverCloud GPS can contact a consumer GPS tracking expert at Tracking System Direct for more information. Tracking System Direct also is currently offering the latest in real-time GPS vehicle management technology at a special promotional pricing of $299.00 per device with free shipping, making it the best deal online!


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