SilverCloud Speed Alerts

silvercloud speed alerts

Setting Speed Alerts With GPS Tracker

Real-time tracking technology brings fleet management operations and parents of teen drivers a plethora of knowledge related to the driving activity. Active trackers, which allow users to access GPS data over the web, can usually do no more than simply record and transmit location-based data. However, the latest innovation in real-time tracking technology, the SilverCloud tracker, offers users a unique feature that many other GPS tracking systems on the market do not have. The feature is called “Speed Alerting”, and it is changing the way people observe driving activity and data.

Any way you slice it, speeding excessively is one of the dumbest things a motorist can do. Speeding is directly attributed to one of the main causes of traffic accidents, and traffic accidents are the leading cause of premature death among teenage motorists.

From the eyes of a business, when employees operate company mobile assets irresponsibly that can lead to higher insurance premiums and liabilities. From every angle, excessive speeding is something that can be costly in both financial and safety terms. Although speeding is serious problem parents and companies have to deal with on a daily basis, accessing that information has never been easier now that real time GPS tracking systems such as the SilverCloud will literally tell you the moment a driver is speeding by sending a text message to the user’s cellular phone or personal/business email account.


Whether a SilverCloud GPS user is using the real-time monitoring system for teen GPS tracking, senior safety, or business vehicle tracking, the procedure of programming speed alerts is simple and user-friendly. All the person in control of the GPS tracking unit has to do is enter a maximum safe speed limit into the web-based application, and if or when the target vehicle exceeds that speed limit the user will have a cellular text message and/or email sent to notify them that the driver in the target vehicle is speeding. The speed alert is sent out immediately in real-time so the fleet manager or parent can know the exact moment an employee or teen is speeding.

SilverCloud online also creates multiple detailed driving reports, one of which will document every time a driver triggers a speed alert. This activity report makes it easy for parents and businesses to show concrete evidence that a driver has a habitual pattern of speeding.

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