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The GPS tracker experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) pride themselves on being able to assist the needs of every customer. This is why all products offered through the TSD corporate website are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and technical support for the life of the product. In an effort to make some of the common questions and answers more accessible to the public, TSD has chosen to post some of the more popular questions that customers have regarding the newest real-time GPS system offered by TSD, the SilverCloud GPS. However, it is important to note that people may have a different experience than the questions presented in this article, and that is why it is essential to contact TSD if you or your business have any questions regarding the functionality and features of the SilverCloud GPS tracker. Technical support agents are all domestic-based, and available Monday-Friday to assist in helping resolve any GPS tracking questions you may have.

Here are some questions a recent customer had from pre-sales to post-sales concerning the SilverCloud GPS they purchased.

The last GPS trackers for business we used required an external antenna that made it obvious to our drivers that their driving habits were being monitored. Does your real-time system require the installation of an external antenna?

The SilverCloud is a compact tracker, roughly the size of a cellular phone, that was engineered with a sophisticated internal antenna that allows the device to acquire GPS signals and transmit live data. No external antenna is required.

I’m a little concerned with antenna coverage based on the first two days of the trial. The unit appeared to have a large dead spot, which may be due to our mountainous terrain, or some other coverage issue.

We apologize for any difficulties. There are a few issues that can cause this. Fortunately, we can diagnose most issues over the phone. Let’s set up a time to speak so we can troubleshoot the situation and diagnose what is going on.

4) Unfortunately, I stopped for 3 minutes last evening on my way home to check the 2.5 minute stop feature, but it ended up being on a part of the trip that was lost when I checked the historic playback today.  I had the unit on the dash so wouldn’t have anticipated signal issues.

The fact that the device was on the dash answers the placement question. Clearly, this is a quality location. This leaves the issue to be covered or defective motion sensor possibilities. I will double-check the coverage map for your zip code region to see if I can spot anything abnormal. We can discuss this question in more detail over the phone to pinpoint what is going on.

5) I don’t particularly like the way Alarm Region emails are currently configured (i.e., From: “ “, Subject: “New Device Alarm”) Would prefer the “From” field to identify the Device Name, and Subject” to display the actual message “Unit 1 exited “AEP Parking Lot” @ Apr 12 2011 6:03PM”, so you don’t have to open the email to see what the alarm is for. Don’t know if this is possible or not?

The current configuration is set as you see it. However, I completely understand your concerns and will request that this be considered.  We will keep you posted.

6) Is there any way to find an address within your Google Earth map application?  It would be very helpful to be able to zoom to an address for various reasons (i.e., to see if the GPS unit had stopped in the vicinity of a particular address, to add an Alarm Region at an address, etc.)

The Google Maps API does not have the same features as the full program or Google Earth.  However, we have a desktop application that you can use in addition to the current online version. That would give you the full features of Google Earth.  We can give you instructions for this. Your alarm region features still have been set up on the online version.

7) This is petty, but the Historic Playback feature seems to always start with the yellow muscle car icon regardless of the vehicle icon you have created for that Device. Historic Playback graphic has limited functionality with the 5-minute interval tracking since you end up with random lines between interval points (i.e., the tracking does not follow the roads). I assume this is the graphical enhancement you get with the additional fees for reduced intervals?

Nothing is petty. We appreciate all feedback. With 5 minute tracking, you are only getting one GPS position per 5 minutes.  In the historical playback display, we connect the positions with the lines that you see. When you are tracking on the 3, 5, or 10-second plan, the playback is very fluent and follows the road clearly. Since the 5 minutes are so far apart, the path is not indicative of the path actually driven. You can elect to pay the difference for any given month when needed and go back to the 5-minute plan as there are no contracts. We can also discuss this in more detail.  We have not integrated the definable vehicle icon in the playback.  All updates happen automatically and will be seamless once logged in.

8)  Do Excessive Speed reports only get captured if they occur when the 5 minute time interval point is captured?

Excellent question.  If speed is a significant feature, you should consider the faster updates as the 5-minute updates will display the speed at the time of the transmission event. Therefore, you would have to catch the device violating the speed at the time of transmission. The rapid updating will work very well for speed violations. The car tracker has the ability to refresh as frequently as every 3 seconds!

If you do not want to upgrade to a faster update plan and have strong suspicions that a problem driver is speeding or doing side work then you could always use the option of investing in a GPS data logger such as the Flashback GPS or standard GPS Tracking Key. Both GPS trackers have the ability to record second-by-second and will document the maximum speed driven per day.

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The SilverCloud has proven to be one of the most reliable and high-performing GPS units on the market, but for those who have very technical questions or simply want some assistance setting the tracker up, technical support agents are available to make certain you get everything and more from your GPS tracker. Technical support representatives are all agents working inside the United States who do not use pre-script answers and questions. Each agent will speak with you personally about your specific vehicle tracking needs and walk you through the whole process with ease.

If you have questions please do not ever hesitate to call us. We are here to assist!