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Prototype Or The Real Thing?

Over the past month Tracking System Direct has been getting bits and pieces of information regarding a new tracking system known as the SilverCloud tracker. Although most of the features and functions of the car tracker are still being withheld by the manufacturer, what we do know so far is that the device is a real-time tracking unit, and that the tracker is due for release very soon! From the limited information gathered thus far, Tracking System Direct can say with confidence that the SilverCloud GPS unit will change the way people think of live GPS tracker technology. This is because the SilverCloud GPS will be dynamic enough to fulfill the needs of consumer tracking, business tracking and police tracking. Earlier this morning Tracking System Direct editors were able to come across a leaked photo of what some GPS experts believe to be the SilverCloud tracker. Although the manufacturer has not confirmed or denied the photo was the final product or even a prototype of the Silver Cloud GPS, judging by the photo, it appears this may be an early stage prototype of the SilverCloud tracker.

SilverCloud Tracker Photo

Many people across the globe are anxiously awaiting  the release of the SilverCloud tracker, but nobody has ever even had the slightest clue what the mystery tracker might look like until today! Brought to you exclusively from Tracking System Direct, our GPS vehicle tracking experts believe that the above photo is one of the early prototypes of the SilverCloud tracking unit!

Our first thoughts of the SilverCloud photo is that the sleek and stealth design provides a much more covert appearance compared to some other popular units on the market, such as an Enfora unit that has become widely re-branded by some GPS manufacturers who lack innovative thinking and engineering. Also, judging by the AC adapter that is resting next to the SilverCloud tracker, the GPS tracker appears to be very small in size and built for portability. Not to mention, the AC adapter provides us with some clue to the power source of the SilverCloud tracker which now appears to be some form of internal battery, likely an internal lithium ion battery pack.

Overall, our GPS tracking experts and editors think the SilverCloud appearance is one of the coolest designs on the market. With a sleek black casing, small size and no annoying wires or cables, the SilverCloud design defines covert and cool.

As more information on the SilverCloud GPS becomes released Tracking System Direct will post the information. Stay tuned folks!


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