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SilverCloud GPS Building A Buzz

cloudsEver since Tracking System Direct made its first post regarding a new real-time GPS tracking unit only known as SilverCloud, we have been getting hundreds of inquiries and requests for more detailed information about the new GPS tracking unit. At this point in time, Tracking System Direct has only bits and pieces of information on the live GPS tracker, only knowing with 100% certainty that the system is a live tracking unit. Although some smaller details have been released by Tracking System Direct GPS experts and editors, we are still left with many more questions than answers about the specifics of the device. As mentioned in an earlier posting about the SilverCloud, the live tracking unit will be released in the early part of 2011, and will provide the necessary options for it to be a valuable monitoring solution for police agencies, consumers and companies.

SilverCloud GPS Live Tracker

The emails and phone calls from people have been pouring in since the announcement that Tracking System Direct will soon be offering a new real-time device. Tracking System Direct GPS fleet tracking experts will always take the time to explain the benefits and functions of any one of our inventory of products, but as it stands right now the SilverCloud tracker simply is not part of our exclusive line of quality trackers. Of course when the system makes its much anticipated launch, we will certainly carry the product, but because the GPS tracker has not made its official debut on Tracking System Direct our GPS experts simply do not have the necessary information to assist people.

All of the GPS experts at Tracking System Direct would like to thank everyone for their inquiries and questions regarding the SilverCloud tracker, and we promise you that the moment we have more information and specifics we will bring them to you that day! We understand many people are anxiously awaiting the debut of the SilverCloud GPS, as are all the GPS professionals at Tracking System Direct. Hopefully, Tracking System Direct will have more concrete information very soon!

Stay tuned!