SilverCloud Waterproof Case

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GPS Waterproof Case

One of the first questions consumers or businesses who invest in a real-time tracking solution ask themselves is whether they want to permanently install the live tracker to the automobile’s electrical system, or use the tracking system as a portable solution. Although hard-wiring a tracking device does provide a way for the user to never be concerned about the battery-life of the GPS tracker, installing a tracker eliminates the possibility of using the system as a portable solution. With many GPS tracking system users requiring the option of portability so they can move the tracking device from vehicle-to-vehicle whenever they see fit, the SilverCloud Tracker Waterproof Case provides the answer for those looking for a covert way to hide a GPS tracking system on a target vehicle.

By placing the real-time tracking SilverCloud system in the SilverCloud Tracker Waterproof Case, users can easily attach the live GPS tracker to the outside of any vehicle they wish to monitor. The rugged exterior magnetic mount provides a safe and user-friendly way to secure the car tracker to the target vehicle, and the durable and compact case keeps the tracking system safe in even the toughest of elemental weather conditions.

Why The SilverCloud Tracker Waterproof Case Is For You!

SilverCloud Tracker Waterproof Case provides anyone looking for a way to covertly monitor a vehicle the ability to quickly equip an automobile with a tracking system that reports data in real-time! Since many GPS tracking systems are not designed with waterproof protection or housing built to withstand rain or snow conditions, the SilverCloud Tracker Waterproof Case offers businesses, consumers and law enforcement agencies an option to conduct surveillance in a simply way while protecting GPS tracking system hardware.

Product Includes:

  • Waterproof case with exterior magnetic mount to offer easy outside placement

***SilverCloud Tracking System In NOT Included