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New SilverCloud Waterproof Mount Makes Bulky Cases Thing Of The Past

SilverCloud-21We here at Tracking System Direct love customer feedback. This is because customer feedback can help us improve the way we do business with the goal of enhancing the overall customer experience. With the recent release of our newest real-time monitoring solution, the SilverCloud GPS, we have been constantly following up with customers about their thoughts and feelings regarding the live tracking device. Of course, we have been more than pleased to hear all of the positive feedback about the user-friendly web-interface and highly accurate real-time GPS data, but we tend to focus on the ways our customers say we can improve our devices and service. Overwhelmingly, our customers have been telling our GPS tracking experts the same two things:

1) If There Is A Way To Make The SilverCloud Waterproof?

2) Is There An Accessory That Will Allow Me To Attach The Car Tracker To The Outside Of The Vehicle?

For years, the industry standard has been to offer big, bulky cases manufactured by Pelican because that was the only reputable company who could manufacture rugged cases that could sustain the elements. The GPS would sit inside the case, the user would then close the case, which was equipped with a large magnetic mount, and stick the giant apparatus to the outside of a vehicle. Often times the bulky case would interfere with GPS reception, and it was very common for people to identify the “covert” tracker because the case would easily triple the size of even the most compact units. Unfortunately, there was no other solutions available for vehicle tracking users until today!

Tracking System Direct is proud to announce the release of a slender new mount that can easily be screwed to the back of any SilverCloud GPS tracker, making the device both waterproof and capable of easy outside installment to any motor vehicle! The new GPS tracking accessory adds very little size to the SilverCloud, keeping the size integrity intact, while providing everything that customers want from a GPS tracker solution. All the GPS user needs to do is connect the SilverCloud Waterproof Mount to the back of the real-time monitoring device with the accompanied four (4) screws, and the device is ready for action! “The new exterior mount accessory is revolutionary because it has completely eliminated the need for the user to invest in a cumbersome and awkward exterior case that could potentially impact GPS reception in a negative way”, explained a LandAirSea development engineer. “It is only fitting that the latest in real-time monitoring technology be equipped with the latest in exterior mounting and waterproofing technology.”

Why pay the expensive costs associated with permanent installation and hard-wiring if you don’t have to? Why risk having the target vehicle driver finding the mini car tracker inside the vehicle of the cab? The new SilverCloud mount will allow you to never be concerned with the elements, while providing a way to easily attach the device to any target vehicle. No accessory is better suited for law enforcement agencies and businesses interested in busting a problem driver!