SilverCloud Waterproof Mount


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The SilverCloud Waterproof Mount with exterior magnet breaks the mold of the bulky and awkward pelican cases that have plagued the GPS tracking industry. With this miniature little accessory, users can transform their SilverCloud from water-resistant to 100% waterproof, while also being provided a way to attach the car tracker to the outside of a target vehicle. Ideal for law enforcement agencies and covert tracking applications, this GPS tracking accessory adds almost no additional size to the GPS system, keeping the tracking device covertly hidden and secure.

Why The SilverCloud Waterproof Mount Is For You

The SilverCloud GPS tracker has redefined how consumers, businesses and law enforcement organizations utilize real-time tracking, and this accessory follows that unique path. Since GPS trackers are designed with water-resistant capabilities, many devices can be susceptible to rough elemental conditions. This vehicle tracking accessory provides an easy way to both completely protect your GPS tracker from rain, sleet or snow, while offering a powerful exterior magnetic mount that makes it easy for any user to quickly attach the tracking system to any vehicle!

Why pay a professional installer hundreds of dollars to hard-wire your live tracking device when this little accessory can make your SilverCloud the most effective, portable and covert solution? Don’t waste anymore money on cumbersome and heavy exterior cases that will not only make your GPS tracking system more easily visible, but also can effect GPS satellite reception in a negative way. The SilverCloud Waterproof Mount does not interfere at all with GPS reception, and turns any users’ SilverCloud into the ultimate portable GPS monitoring solution.

Product Includes:

  • Waterproof Mount With Powerful Exterior Magnetic Mount
  • Four (4) Screws