Skater’s Brother To Wear GPS Tracker


Kerrigan Posts Bail

GPS Tracking Device To Monitor Ice Skater’s Brother

KerriganThe brother of famous Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was released from jail earlier today, but before his release was told by a judge that he must wear a real time GPS tracker while out on bail. Mark Kerrigan, who has spent several months in jail for his alleged role in the death of his father, will be monitored via the GPS tracking system by law enforcement as the judicial process runs its course.

Mark Kerrigan was arrested after he was involved in a serious and violent argument between he and his father Daniel Kerrigan that resulted in Daniel either falling, being pushed or collapsing on the floor. When Daniel Kerrigan arrived at a nearby hospital he was pronounced dead on the scene. An autopsy revealed that the death was likely caused from a neck injury that was the catalyst for cardiac dysrhythmia. Authorities believe that Mark Kerrigan forcefully pushed or threw his father down to the ground, causing the fatal injuries.

The contingency of Mark Kerrigan’s release was that he must pay $10,000 for bail, undergo random alcohol and drug testing and wear a tracking system on his ankle that will allow police to observe his movements while on release.

Source: CMR