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earth-image-rpw2Anyone who has ever been a passenger on Southwest, Delta, American or any other of the popular airliners has likely skimmed through the pages of a SkyMall catalog. With travel being typically a stressful and time-consuming process for the majority of people, airline passengers will often read while flying to relax or kill a little time. SkyMall offers airline passengers that luxury with over 20 million copies of the quarterly catalog resting behind the seat pocket of numerous airplanes all across the globe. Although SkyMall has a wide assortment of products inside the pages of the catalog, it is two surveillance products specifically that are gaining the attention of airline passengers everywhere.

SilverCloud GPS is the latest in live monitoring and vehicle management technology, and the personal GPS tracker is one of the most popular products offered by SkyMall. “It is no surprise to see so many airline passengers be intrigued with the SilverCloud GPS because of the versatility the device offers”, explained a GPS fleet management specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Companies can use the tracker to help with fleet and vehicle management, while the device also allows parents to monitor teen driving, making it a valuable tool for numerous users.”

Hot Five Features:

  1. Unlimited updates with all GPS tracking data plans
  2. Lifetime access to historical GPS data
  3. Mobile phone access to GPS data
  4. Total remote access to vehicle tracking data via web
  5. ShareSpot technology (sharing of GPS data)

SilverCloud is now selling for $199.00 in SkyMall.

GPS Data Logger In SkyMall Magazine

GPS Tracking Key is the other monitoring solution offered in SkyMall that has created a buzz. What makes the Tracking Key different is that it is more cost-effective, updates every single second and has no service fees required. However, since the GPS car tracker does not send data, the user must manually remove the GPS from the automobile they are tracking and download the data via USB port connection to view where a driver has been. “This micro GPS is cool because it has a magnet attachment that gives users the ability to connect the tracker to the outside of a vehicle”, explained a business GPS tracking expert. “Although the geo-locational data cannot be viewed in real-time, the system is not dependent upon any cellular coverage, making it advantageous among law enforcement agencies.”

Hot Five Features:

  1. Attached magnet
  2. No cell coverage required
  3. Water-resistant housing
  4. Easy USB connection
  5. Every second tracking

GPS Tracking Key is now offered for $169.00 on SkyMall

Anyone interested in either of the above mentioned security products can contact Tracking System Direct to get promotional pricing on the GPS tracking systems as well as free shipping.