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The independent documentary Vaxxed brought up many questions related to vaccine injury in children and how those life-changing shots could have been prevented if the CDC didn’t manipulate scientific data. The story told in that motion picture is very frightening, but one does not need to be a scientist to see that the number of children being diagnosed with some form of autism spectrum disorder is skyrocketing to epidemic levels. This article is in no way going to try and tackle the complex questions related to treating kids with autism through ABA treatments or discuss how the business of vaccinations could very well be the spark that triggers awesome. Those are questions better addressed in the special needs community or via online forums/message boards. Instead, this article is designed to help parents who have a child suffering with autism who may have a tendency to wander while at school keep their child safe through the use of real-time GPS personal tracking.

Tracking Autistic Children At School

Many special needs kids have one-on-one aides and small classrooms designed to provide the best possible care and education. And 99% of the time that alone can be enough to prevent a child from wandering away or getting off school grounds. The problem is that many children with autism have a tendency to engage in escape behaviors and will impulsively run without warning. This can not only give a parent a fright but also the school as well. As scary as these moments can be they are however being reduced or eliminated with the assistance of small live GPS units that can easily be kept in a child’s pocket or backpack.


Live child GPS tracker technology works petty simple. A special needs child carries a tiny tracker about one inch in size in their pocket or backpack. That tracker sends out data showing where that child is every 10 seconds (or faster).  Tracking data can easily be viewed by parents through their iPhones or other smart phones with Internet connection. This allows parents or educators to quickly locate a wandering or lost child anytime within seconds! And that’s probably not even the most advantageous feature of the technology because the personal trackers can also allow the user to set up safe zones where they can be alerted the very moment their child enters or leaves the school campus. Or any other area they want to make sure their child stays in!

“I have spent over 5 years working with non-verbal children with autism through the use of speech pathology, verbal behavior therapy and rapid prompt”, explained a home therapist for a Southern California company called Autism Behavior Consultants. “Sadly, I worked with many kids who would try and escape from home and school to the point where parents had to fence their entire homes and put locks at the very top of their doors so they would be out of the reach of their special needs child. It really is an annoyance and hardship many parents face which sucks because families dealing with autism already have their hands full. That is why I’m a big fan of any technological solution that can offer parents even a little peace-of-mind and that’s what the real-time tracking systems can offer”.

Investing In GPS Safety Products

GPS watches, bracelets or other wearable tracking options really are only designed for adults with special needs or seniors facing diminished cognitive patterns. Therefore, the best solution for parents seeking a monitoring system for their special needs child is small tracker known as the SilverCloud Personal GPS which costs approximately $199 and requires a monthly data service plan of $29.95 a month. The service plans do not require any contractual commitments and are on a month-to-month basis.

Parents who have children with autism will find the following companies and agencies helpful when it comes to learning more about potential causes of autism as well as treatment:

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