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Americans are known for their free spirits and love of independence. That spirit takes different forms in different people, but for many, there’s no greater feeling than taking to the water in a sailboat. The forecast for a perfect day of sailing includes sunny skies, calm water, and increasingly, a GPS tracking system.

One of the attractions of boating is the ability to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life. When cell phones are left behind and laptops turned off, the boater feels free from troubles and care. The problem, however, is that lack of communication can create a dilemma in the event of boat trouble or bad weather. That’s where a real time GPS tracker can come in handy. The tracker will keep tabs on the boat’s location, allowing a friend or family member to check in from time to time, especially if the boater doesn’t return when he planned to. In the event of boat trouble, help can be on the way quickly, reducing the risk of permanent damage or injury.

Another popular use for the live GPS tracker in the boating industry is to use the technology for watching boating races. The RYA Volvo Youth National Championship sailboat race equipped each boat with tracking devices and linked the tracking data to a 3D graphic, allowing fans to watch the race virtually online or on their mobile phones. There were also screens located at the event so that race attendees could continue watching when the boats were out of sight. The technology allowed fans to view not only the location of the boats, but also their speed, direction, and ranking as they crossed each distance marker. The RYA is not the first group to use GPS tracking for boat races. The Volvo Ocean Race, the Bayview Yacht Club race in Port Huron, and many other annual boating events take advantage of GPS tracking to help fans keep an eye on their favorite vessel throughout the course of each race.

Boat owners who prefer to use their boats for leisure rather than racing can benefit from installing a GPS tracker as well. The ability of GPS tracking to foil thefts has been well-documented, and a stolen boat is much more likely to be recovered if its owner has had the foresight to install a GPS transmitter than it is without the technology.

Live GPS tracking devices are widely used by marine enthusiasts as a way to increase the safety of their assets.

Whether an individual is into leisure boating, racing, or just loves the feel of the wind over the water, GPS tracking can make the boating experience a safer and more pleasurable one.

by Greg Bartlett / guest author