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How Real Time GPS Tracking Is Helping Snow Plow Operations 

With Winter now in full effect comes a sense of burden and stress for most city snow plow operations to keep streets clear and roads salted. “Every year before Winter arrives we prepare the best we can for a variety of severe elemental scenarios, but this year is different because we have snow plow GPS trackers and vehicle tracking systems that will aid us in the battle vs. Winter”, stated a representative for the Utah Department of Transportation. The snowplow GPS tracking systems that the Utah Department of Transportation will be using this Winter have many special features that most normal real-time GPS devices do not have, making them designed specifically for snowplow applications. The special features of the vehicle tracking devices include:

  • The ability to access the position of a snowplow blade
  • The ability to access whether or not the snowplows are successfully dispensing salt
  • The ability to access vehicle speed, location, and routes traveled

However, Utah is not the only state utilizing snow removal tracking software and snowplow tracking apps to keep roads clear and safe for the motorist. So let’s take a look at some of the cities calling upon GPS trackers for snowplows and how the real time GPS tracking technology is helping snow removal programs everywhere.

Snow Plow Route Apps To Improve Operations

“We are really excited about the introduction of GPS tracking systems to our fleet of snow plows because the snow removal software drastically improved our routing, planning, and employee accountability efforts”, said Jake Brown, a trans tech 3 for the Utah Department of Transportation. Brown also stated that the collaboration of vehicle tracking and snowplows will show the public that the city is doing everything in its power to keep roads clear in an effort to improve driver safety. The snowplow GPS tracking systems will allow supervisors to see the location of every snowplow in the field, access recorded data of all the streets the snowplows cleared, and whether or not salt dispensing equipment and snowplow blades are working at full capacity. Because snow plow GPS trackers now record such a large variety of data, the live GPS tracking systems can also help in maintenance efforts by letting operators know when a portion of the snowplow is not working at the 100% level.

GPS Fleet Tracking Snow Removal

City of Davenport Employs Snowplow Software

Navigating and monitoring snow plow operations during the winter months can be an incredibly difficult chore for many Midwest cities, but one small city in Iowa created a plan to combat the problem. What Davenport did was invest in GPS tracking devices to monitor their fleet of snowplows in an effort to improve fleet management during the cold months of Winter.

Already having 26 of the 30 city snowplows outfitted with real time GPS trackers, Davenport has seen firsthand the improved efficiency of the city snowplows as they were already tested in the year’s first Winter storm. City officials stated that they were excited about the new GPS tracking initiative and believe that the snowplow tracking software would result in more money and time saved.

The live GPS tracking systems that Davenport is utilizing for their city snowplows provide information such as how much salt is being dispensed by a driver, speed(s) driven, whether a plow’s blades are up or down, and pavement temperature. Having the ability to regulate and monitor the amount of salt being dispensed allows the city to hold employees more accountable and will result in money being saved. For example, before GPS tracking devices were used to monitor the snowplows many times a truck would drop the same amount of salt during a 2-inch snowstorm as they would during an 8-inch snowstorm. Now the snowplow GPS trackers will be regulating all driving-related information, creating a more accountable, accessible, and efficient fleet of snowplows.

The snow management software initiative will cost Davenport approximately $100,000, and it is anticipated that all city snowplows will be equipped with real-time vehicle tracking systems.

Best GPS Tracker For Snow Plow

One of the more difficult things for GPS manufacturers to do is create a device that has the capabilities to meet the needs of a wide range of users the data and support tailored for each individual’s needs. For example, many police agencies require a GPS tracking system that can stay in the field for extended lengths of time, and be built durable enough to withstand rough elemental conditions. Businesses, on the other hand, need something they can install to company automobiles in order to improve vehicle management and employee production. Lastly, consumers require a GPS tracker that can be hidden on a vehicle. Creating and engineering a car tracker from the ground up that can satisfy everyone’s needs is obviously a difficult chore, but finding solutions is our job. Although there are a number of great snow plow GPS trackers on the market to help cities and municipalities manage snow removal programs, one of the more popular fleet tracking options is a device called SpaceHawk GPS.

SpaceHawk GPS revolutionizes fleet management by mixing simplicity with sophistication and bringing a vast amount of features that can help snowplow removal services at affordable prices. What makes this real time GPS tracking system different is that it is small enough to be used for covert tracking applications, sophisticated enough to acquire the most accurate position-based data, and easy enough for any city manager to use. Extended battery pack options are available for snow plow operations seeking portable tracking, as well as hard-wired options.

The first thing most GPS companies want to do is get a tracker in the cities’ hands so they can begin collecting the monthly service obligations associated with the car monitoring device. Therefore, they will often times extend discounts on the hardware of the initial purchase, knowing they will make ten times more money if they can get a city to sign a contract that will keep them locked up in service for one or two years. Unfortunately, snow removal programs are very much seasonal, making it important that cities only work with GPS companies that offer pay-as-you-go GPS trackers. That is one of the reasons why SpaceHawk GPS is considered one of the best GPS trackers for snowplow removal service: no contracts, no annual fees. Data plans are month-to-month, and city snow removal programs can cancel service during the warmer months and reactivate at a later time without penalty.

Are GPS Tracking Systems Too Much Big Brother?

When asked about whether the introduction of GPS tracking systems would upset some snowplow employees, Brown explained that the tracking systems are a tool that will help employees better do their job and that is really the only way they should view the live GPS trackers.

Do you feel GPS tracking systems will improve snowplow operations enough to justify the cost of the tracking systems?