So. Cal Fire Information


Gaining Control Of Summer Blazes

Tracking System Technology Provides Assistance

FireThere are a few things that people living in southern California can expect that go without saying. These things include beautiful weather almost 90% of the year, the occasional ground rumbling earthquakes, traffic driving into Los Angeles or Orange County via the 91 and summer time fires. One of the unfortunate byproducts of having long stretches of gorgeous sunny weather is the dryness it causes the local mountains and hills. Once these areas become dry they become extremely dangerous and vulnerable to fire. Making the situation even worse are the Santa Ana winds that can fuel the small blazes into giant firestorms, as was the case with the Cedar Fire that ravaged So. Cal in 2003. In an effort to combat both large and small scale fires, more and more fire fighters are turning toward GPS tracking system and mapping technologies to get an upper hand on these often man-made natural disasters.

Real time GPS tracking devices can help fire fighters gain an edge over a blaze in a couple ways. First of all, the vehicle tracking units can be used to better networking and communication among fire fighters working to contain a blaze. Knowing where every fire truck and team of fire fighters are helps allow fire fighters to be more effective and stay more safe. For example, only a few days ago lightning was the catalyst for a small fire in the Hemet region. Local fire fighters used state-of-the-art mapping and communication technologies to help understand the field of battle they were playing on, and to better organize the attack effort. This resulted in fire fighters quickly getting the small fire contained before it became something much worse.

The GPS fleet management experts at TSD would like to thank fire fighters all across the world for their service. We will continue to create and provide the best GPS products to help these heroes stay safe and tackle some of the worst blazes.