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SOS GPS Tracker

Top 5 SOS GPS Tracker Devices – Personal Safety Buyer’s Guide For 2023

Picture this—you’re lost or in danger and need immediate assistance. You press a button on a SOS GPS tracker, and within moments, a signal goes out pinpointing your exact location. Equipped with emergency distress signals and precise location tracking, these GPS trackera with panic buttons can offer a lifeline when you need it most. But with so many tracking devices available, how do you know which ones are the best? In this article, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 SOS GPS trackers to help you find a personal GPS that fits your particular needs. Now, let’s check out each product, comparing features, reliability, and ease of use, so you can being your adventure!

SOS GPS Tracker

Spot X – Best GPS Tracker With SOS Button For Outdoor Adventurers

Exploring off the beaten path? The SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger with Bluetooth is your go-to device. It’s a handheld satellite communicator that offers two-way message capabilities. This enables you to stay connected to your family, friends, and emergency services even when you’re beyond the reach of cellular networks. Ideal for adventures in your vehicle or outdoors, Spot X acts as your personal SOS alert system and location tracker. In fact, SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger with Bluetooth outshines many other personal GPS trackers. So whether you’re a hiker or simply desire an extra layer of safety for your family, we would encourage you to learn more about this GPS device!

Key Features:

  • 2-Way Messaging. Allows you to send and receive text messages with any cell number or email address worldwide.
  • SOS Alert. Equipped with an SOS button that, when pressed, sends your precise GPS coordinates to the 24/7 Search & Rescue services.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Provides wireless connectivity with your smartphone for a convenient, seamless experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Extended Battery Life. Powers up to an impressive 240 hours (10 days) in continuous 10-minute tracking mode.
  • Global Coverage. Offers broad, satellite-based coverage, ensuring you’re never out of reach almost anywhere on the globe.
  • Price. While slightly higher-priced, the extensive range of safety features, reliability, and peace of mind it provides make it a worthy investment.

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SecuLife GPS Tracker – Best Emergency SOS For Seniors

Specifically designed to offer peace of mind for those concerned about elderly loved ones, SecuLife SOS tracker goes beyond being a mere GPS location tracker. In fact, SecuLife GPS tracker’s focus on senior safety and user-friendly design makes it an indispensable tool. While there might be cheaper alternatives such as Tracki and SpyTec GL300, the combination of life-saving features, make the SecuLife SOS tracker worth every cent. And what are these features? Two-way voice communication, a panic SOS button, and real time GPS tracking data. Yes, when it comes to the safety of your seniors, the SecuLife GPS tracker is a valuable safety product!

Key Features:

  • SOS Button. Equipped with a tracker SOS button that, when pressed, sends an alert to predefined emergency contacts.
  • Two-Way Communication. Offers auto-answering and calling features, making it a mini-phone for seniors in emergencies.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking. Provides precise location updates, ensuring you know exactly where your loved ones are.
  • Splash Resistant. Designed to withstand minor splashes, adding a layer of durability and convenience.

Key Specifications:

  • Size. The compact design fits comfortably on a wristband or pocket, which is ideal for everyday use.
  • Battery Life. Offers up to 5 days of tracking on a single charge, minimizing battery-related concerns.
  • Push Notifications. Sends instant alerts on your phone for real-time updates, keeping you constantly informed.

Garmin inReach – Best Real Time Tracking Device With 24/7 Search & Rescue Monitoring Center


When it’s you against the wild, Garmin inReach Mini is your vital ally. This compact, lightweight satellite communicator is designed for outdoor adventurers like you. In fact, the Garmin inReach Mini stands out for its robust design, ease of use, and peace of mind it provides. It’s more than just a personal GPS tracker; it’s a life-saving device that ensures you’re always within reach, no matter how far your adventures take you. Investing in the Garmin inReach Mini is an investment in your safety, and nothing beats the assurance of knowing you’re covered, anywhere, anytime.

Key Features:

  • SOS Alerts. Features an SOS button to alert GEOS, a professional 24/7 global emergency response coordination center.
  • InReach Weather Forecast Service. Access real-time weather updates to plan your outdoor activities better.
  • Garmin Earthmate App Compatibility. Syncs with your smartphone for convenient map viewing and easier messaging.

Key Specifications:

  • Size. Truly compact, the Garmin inReach Mini weighs a mere 3.5 oz, ideal for packing light.
  • Battery Life. Offers up to 50 hours in 10-minute tracking mode and up to 20 days in power-saving mode.
  • Coverage. Provides 100% global Iridium satellite network coverage, so you’re never truly isolated.
  • Price. A higher price point reflects the device’s exceptional quality and essential safety features.

Learn more about this potential life-saving GPS tracker SOS button by watching this video review!

Evershop – Best Panic Button GPS Tracker For Female Security


In today’s world, personal safety is paramount, and for women seeking an effective alerting system, the Evershop is a great choice. Why? The sheer power of its 130dB alarm, the added utility of its LED flashlight, and its user-friendly design. Yes, Evershop is more than a simple alerting system – it’s a robust tool that prioritizes your personal safety above all else. Oh, and did we mention this is also an Amazon Choice product?

Key Features:

  • 130dB Personal Alarms. Emits a loud siren, attracting attention even from 300 yards away during emergencies, effectively deterring potential threats.
  • Easy to Use. Activate the alarm by pulling the self-defense keychain or double-pressing the SOS button; no specialized training is required.
  • LED Emergency Flashlight. Features a larger, brighter LED light than most traditional alarms, providing added visibility during emergencies.
  • USB Rechargeable. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, it requires only 30 minutes to fully charge and offers a standby time of 6 months.

Key Specifications:

  • Battery Life. Rechargeable, providing standby time of up to 6 months on a 30-minute charge.
  • Durability. Made of environmentally friendly, recyclable ABS material; splash-resistant with an IP44 rating.
  • Portability. Compact enough to attach to purses, backpacks, or belt loops, making it an ideal travel companion.

Zoleo – Best Personal GPS Tracker With Global Coverage


ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is a personal GPS tracker designed to keep you safe and connected, no matter where you are. This rugged, Iridium satellite-based device pairs with your smartphone via a free ZOLEO app, ensuring constant communication outside cellular coverage. Yes, with ZOLEO, you get seamless global messaging coverage! Regardless if it is satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Zoleo includes a dedicated panic SOS button for emergencies, sending instant alerts with your GPS coordinates to a 24/7 monitoring service.

Key Features:

  • Global Two-Way Communication. ZOLEO ensures seamless coverage everywhere, alternating between satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Dedicated SMS Phone Number & Email. ZOLEO assigns you a unique contact number and email, enabling others to initiate communication.
  • Emergency Alerting. An SOS function sends alerts and your GPS coordinates to a 24/7 emergency service, ensuring timely help during crises.
  • Long Messages. Enjoy up to 900+ characters using app-to-app messaging, offering a superior communication experience.


  • Battery Life. Provides 200+ hours (8 days) of battery life with a 12-minute message check interval.
  • Durability. Robust design with MIL-STD 810G shock-resistance and high-grade dust- and water-resistance (IP68).
  • Size & Weight. Lightweight (150g) and compact (9.1 x 6.6 x 2.7 cm), ideal for portability.
  • Temperature Operation Range. Works efficiently between -20°C to 55°C.

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GPS Tracker SOS Solutions – Key Features To Look For Before Buying

Before you buy a panic button GPS tracker, it’s essential to understand the key features that make a device reliable and efficient. In this section, we will go over the main features to look for when choosing a personal tracker:

  • Realtime Location Tracking. This provides an accurate, real-time update of your location. In case of an emergency, a GPS location tracker provides a current update of your whereabouts, aiding response teams to locate you quickly.
  • SOS Button. Opt for a personal tracker that has an easily accessible alert button or GPS panic buttons to ensure prompt alerts during emergencies. Why? An easily accessible SOS Button ensures a prompt SOS alert can be sent out during an emergency.
  • Global Coverage. Depending on the type of GPS device, some offer extensive coverage, tracking your vehicle or personal location even in remote areas. The truth is, global coverage allows you to feel safe, even when you’re far from home. Your tracker should provide accurate location data anywhere you travel, especially if you’re frequently on the move.
  • Splash Resistance. For an active lifestyle, a splash-resistant GPS device is a wise choice. This feature ensures durability and longevity, even in rough weather.
  • Assistive Technology. Trackers with assistive technology, like auto answering, enhance usability, especially for kids and seniors. This can be set up on an SOS wristband if your child or a senior loved one has cognitive challenges.
  • Compatibility with SIM Cards and Calling Features. These enhance the functionality of GPS tracking devices, making them more than just location trackers. Not to mention, this feature adds another layer of communication, apart from sending out SOS alerts

GPS SOS Emergency Location Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

Can SOS GPS Trackers Help Ensure The Safety Of Senior Citizens?

Absolutely, SOS GPS trackers provide an invaluable layer of security for senior citizens. Equipped with tracker SOS buttons, these devices provide an immediate emergency response at the click of a button. Upon activating the SOS button, an SOS alert is sent to pre-designated emergency contacts, providing real-time tracking and location data. Brands like the SecuLife GPS and JioBit personal GPS are designed to be senior-friendly, with simple user manuals and auto-answering capabilities.

Are GPS Trackers With SOS Buttons Useful For Kids?

Yes, without a doubt! SOS GPS tracker devices are fantastic for keeping track of your kids‘ whereabouts. With kid’s SOS features, you can stay connected with your children anytime, anywhere. The GPS tracking and SOS message functions ensure that in any emergency situation, your loved ones can be located quickly. The push notification features on these devices can alert you promptly if the emergency button is pressed.

What Happens When The SOS Button On A GPS Locator Is Pressed?

When the SOS button on a GPS tracker is pressed, an emergency SOS signal is sent out. This alert is received by response teams, who can then locate the tracker through GPS tracking. This real-time tracking feature can be a life-saving tool, ensuring that help can reach you or your loved ones as quickly as possible in an emergency situation

How Does An SOS GPS Tracker Work?

An SOS GPS tracker works by using a satellite network to transmit location data in real time. When you push the panic button, the device sends an SOS message to predetermined emergency contacts and, in some models, directly to emergency response teams. User manuals usually offer straightforward instructions on how to operate these life-saving devices.

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