Spy Camera In Bathroom Forces Plane Landing

American Airlines

Hidden Cameras on American Airlines

American Airlines Flight Cut Short After Spy Camera Found In Bathroom

Every person who has ever flown commercially understands that the experience is not always pleasant. Seats are small, service can be less than friendly and those little bags of peanuts and pretzels have certainly lost some flavor over the years. And that is not accounting all the extra security measures that are not implemented at airports since the 9/11 terrorist acts. Now airline passengers have to get to the airport hours before their flight is scheduled for take-off so they can go through full-body scans, shoe checks, baggage checks the type of rub down that should at least include a glass of wine. Yes, flying can at times be a miserable experience, but that experience was even more uncomfortable for passengers on American Airlines flight 24 that was carrying 215 passengers from San Francisco to New York.

Security on commercial airplanes is no laughing matter in a post 9/11 world, that is why American Airlines flight 24 crew members made the decision to make an emergency landing at an airport in Kansas City after it was discovered that a technological device was taped against a wall in the public restroom of the aircraft. The strange device was reported to be a spy camera disguised as a simple flash drive, a common form of hidden camera surveillance used routinely by police and private investigation teams. In fact, covert security systems are so sophisticated now that many can transmit real-time video data as well as provide GPS tracking information. This was one of the key reasons American Airlines staff chose to be proactive in handling the situation.

After making the decision to land the plane the crew members told passengers that an issue with the air circulation systems was the reason for the unscheduled landing. However, once on the ground, passengers were informed that the unscheduled landing was due to a potential bomb threat. With passengers off of the plane safe and secure, the plane was searched by investigators, including agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The device was located and tested by authorities and it was found to be an ordinary flash drive for storing data. However, authorities still do not understand why the device was placed in the restroom of the plane in what was described as a suspicious matter.

Authorities are currently investigating who the owner of the flash drive is and why they left the device in the public restroom of the aircraft. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.