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If there is one thing that pretty much all parents can agree upon it is that teenagers can oftentimes be a large pain in the butt. Teens want everything from the latest cell phones and smartphone accessories to the newest cars. They want and want and want, but rarely take the initiative to earn these things on their own accord. Unfortunately, we live in a time of suburban entitlement where teens feel like their parents’ home and stuff actually belong to the teen. Most teens are generally good kids, but they are simply going through a phase where life lessons are a little stronger and have more meaning/impact. However, we all know that the moment mom and dad decide to go on a vacation or choose to visit some friends for the weekend that most teens are salivating at the opportunity to throw a wild party. Parties are where teens can have an additional sense of freedom. drinking, socializing, and more. Often this is really not an issue, but many other times parties get out of control, resulting in violence and property damage. Thankfully, parents now have spy camera technology and home surveillance options to monitor teen activity while away from home.

GPS tracking systems are great tools to observe the driving habits of a teen, keystroke logger devices are great units to help parents uncover what a teen is doing on social networking sites, but the best way to observe teen behavior is through home camera technology. The old saying is “while the cat is away the mice will play”, but the saying should be changed to “when parents leave town, teens party”. Although it is nearly impossible to stop a teen from attending parties, parents can at least make certain that those parties do not occur on their property where damage can happen, or someone gets hurt. Homeowners are liable for the things that occur on the property, and when teens throw parties anything can happen. This is where surveillance tools can help.

The modern-day covert home monitoring solutions are now able to be accessed wirelessly so parents can view the activity occurring in their home remotely. This allows parents to notify local police if a party is happening on their property, or at the very least allows parents to bust teens on the spot.

What is even cooler about modern-day covert and micro cameras is that they can be disguised and hidden with ease. Cameras and DVRs are now built into everything from home alarm clocks, teddy bears, and tissue boxes to clothing people can actually wear!

Next time you decide to leave town for vacation why not make certain your home and family are safe by investing in a camera system built for not only teen monitoring but personal home security as well.