Spy Cameras In Schools

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Monitoring Students With Technology

Spy Cameras In Schools

school_cameraAnyone who walks into a bank knows with 100% certainty that they are being monitored by multiple camera systems, but many people are unaware that security hidden camera systems are installed everywhere and anywhere. Spy camera security devices are watching people as they shop for clothes or groceries, and are even present in parking lots, some intersections and more. Although monitoring technology is now commonplace in America, many people have been asking questions whether monitoring devices such as spy cameras should be used in public school systems.

Some people may be aware of how monitoring devices such as GPS tracking units have been used in some school systems to increase attendance of troubled teen students, but in most schools every student is under the watchful digital eyes of hidden camera systems. The position held by many public school districts is that spy cameras can provide a safe and cost-effective avenue into improving the safety of every student. By having the ability to wirelessly access spy camera devices placed throughout a school campus, campus police and school administrators can monitor student activity covertly and safely. This allows them to watch and document any fist fights, property damage or anything else that could occur on school grounds.

Schools are often the targets of teen vandals, fights can occur while there is no presence of teacher or faculty staff and strangers can sneak onto campus grounds without permission. With so many potentially dangerous variables that could occur without warning, having video evidence can be a crucial component to enhancing school safety. School administrators can point to the horrific events that occurred at Columbine and can state with confidence how much more effective local police and security could have been had a universal remote camera system program was in place at the school. If spy camera systems were installed throughout Columbine, police would have had remote access to the location of the teen shooters, allowing police and security officials to quickly move students to safe areas while locating and disarming the shooters in a timely fashion.

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Do you think it is acceptable for school officials to install security camera systems to monitor student activity?