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Spy Gadgets Thrills Kids in Dallas Museum

Dallas Spy Exhibit Brings Smiles To Kids

Children Get Experience Bond Lifestyle

For the remainder of the year, the Dallas Museum will be the new home of the traveling spy exhibit. Originally created in London, the spy exhibit offers children a unique view into the world of covert agents and the spy gadgets they use to solve mysteries. The exhibit showcases games, experiments, and cool spy gadgets. The exhibit was designed for children but even adults can be entertained by the unique features of the exhibit. The games at the spy exhibit allow children to pretend they are living the James Bond life.  Some of the featured games include:

  • Code cracking activities
  • Hacking into a corrupt corporation’s computer systems
  • Uncovering top-secret plots and escaping from the scene undetected
  • Avoiding sensors that can detect humans (kids pretend they are animals, hoping like rabbits or crawling like snakes).

As much as the kids enjoy the games the portion of the spy exhibit that gets the most attention is the spy gadgets section. Spy gadgets have always intrigued the minds of children and adults and are the essential tools of any spy in training. The spy gadgets displayed in the exhibit include:

  • Makeup compact that is also a hidden camera
  • Rock that allows people to eavesdrop on conversations
  • Remote-controlled moth

Children find the spy gadgets and games exciting and adventurous. The exhibit was really designed and created for children under the age of 13; therefore, teens might not find the exhibit quite as fascinating.

The exhibit did not contain any GPS tracking system devices that many private investigators utilize today.

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Reaction to Spy Gadgets & Games

An eleven-year-old from the Dallas area stated that his favorite portion of the exhibit was the area where he was able to create his own fake identification card. Although some parents felt that children making fake IDs might not be very appropriate, they all agreed that the spy gadgets featured in the exhibit were exciting, cool, and entertaining. A parent named Ramona said, “The surveillance toys and spy gadgets were what my son enjoyed playing with the most.”

Hopefully, more spy exhibits showcasing spy gadgets and games will appear in the near future, giving children and adults a unique view into the spy world.