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If you have reason to believe an employee might be misusing farm equipment or your partner could be having an affair then it is important you find out the truth. The most popular security products for personal surveillance are hidden cameras and voice recorders, but the best tool to bust an employee or cheating spouse is the GPS car tracker. The reason GPS vehicle trackers are such great forms of spy gear is they allow you to be your own private investigator! Let’s take a closer look at the best GPS tracking device and some other great options for anyone looking to get involved in a surveillance project in Oklahoma City

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What is Spacehawk GPS tracking device? It is a waterproof, mini GPS that provides real time updates on the location of any vehicle. All you need to do is place the GPS vehicle tracker inside or underneath an automobile to find out every single place a person is going! Get the exact addresses your spouse went to, find out how long employees were at a job site, and discover how fast your teenager is really going! Spacehawk allows you to be your own private detective at a fraction of the cost! 

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5 Awesome Surveillance Tools For People In Oklahoma

  1. GPS Asset Tracking Device
  2. Outdoor Motion Sensor Spy Camera 
  3. Audio Recorder Pen
  4. Hidden Digital Voice Recorder
  5. Spy Apps For Mobile Phone

Oklahoma Police Acquire GPS Vehicle Trackers

Police departments all across the United States are very familiar with the benefits of using a hidden GPS tracker to conduct investigations, but only a handful of these departments also utilize GPS for fleet tracking of police cruisers. Whether it be political or simple budgetary reasons, many police departments do not have a GPS vehicle management plan that allows superior officers to oversee total police fleet activity. However, Nicola Park in the state of Oklahoma was one of the first to change that by equipping GPS tracker devices in Oklahoma City Police Department squad cars.

Nicoma Park police began seriously discussing investment in GPS monitoring systems after an incident occurred where a Choctaw police cruiser was stolen and taken for a joyride by a man named Josh Colley in 2013. Colley was eventually apprehended, but investigators stated their growing concern over criminals potentially targeting police cruisers to steal weaponry and other police electronic equipment. In fact, one retired police officer was on record stating that he has actually seen a rise in police vehicle theft and worries that this type of automotive theft will only continue to grow unless police began seriously looking at GPS tracking systems as an auto-security and vehicle management solution.

Advocates for GPS systems in police cruisers were proven right because the GPS devices not only improved officer safety but also reduced routing inefficiencies and better-detailed vehicle maintenance documentation. In the long term, the increase in vehicle maintenance and officer productivity actually saved the police department money. However, the upfront cost for the GPS monitoring hardware and monthly service obligations were approximately $25,000, which presented some challenges for a small town such as Nicoma Park. Thankfully, the investment in GPS software and hardware is much more cost-effective than it was 9 years ago, as many vehicle tracking systems run for around $299 per device that includes a year of real time GPS tracking service. 

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