St. Patrick’s Day Is Coming!


Irish Drinking Celebration

GPS Tracking Company Asks What You Will Be Doing?

IrishYou don’t need to be a pale skinned, red-haired, potato eating Dubliner to celebrate the Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, and that is what many people across the states plan on doing in two days when St. Patrick’s Day festivities will be celebrated everywhere. Chicago will stick with their tradition of coloring their river shamrock green, and parades everywhere will pay homage to the man who scared the snakes out of Ireland. However, many of those parades will be dry, refusing to sell alcohol in an attempt to reduce the potential of any violence or disruption. With all of the parties and celebrations less than 48 hours away, GPS tracking distributor Tracking System Direct wants to know what you will be doing?

Most of the GPS data loggers and real-time vehicle tracking experts working here have stated that they will go to a local pub or watering hole to down some Guinness and socialize with friends and family. Some others will be attending parades, while others will simply listen to a CD of bag pipes music in the comfort of their own home.

If you or anybody you know have some interesting St. Patrick’s Day stories about people getting crazy or into trouble please feel free to submit your comments below. I for one drank green beer for nearly 15 hours before I passed out in my girlfriend’s car. Needless to say, the next day at work was less than fun.

Whatever you may be doing this Wednesday to celebrate the Irish holiday, Tracking System Direct asks that you be responsible and safe.