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It never takes long for a politician to make news headlines for inappropriate or illegal behavior. Americans are now being treated to this on a daily basis with stories about Anthony Weiner sending lewd text messages, and Bell City Council members being arrested for stealing taxpayer money. However, crooked political figures taking advantage of the system is simply the way in which business seems to be conducted these days. Stories of Illinois Governors trying to sell Senate seats, and sitting Presidents lying to the American people is all part of the job description for today’s politician. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, means “I did have sexual relations with that woman and put those relations all over her blue dress”. Politicians and other government employees have been able to take advantage of the system because the only people holding them accountable is themselves. They vote on whether or not they should receive a raise, they create their own health care plan that is much superior to those that taxpayers get and of course their political pensions would make the best corporate 401K plan look like chump change.

Taxpayers are sick and tired of all the bull. They have had enough and are demanding more accountability from their political leaders, and those with government positions. This is why some people are proposing that all state and government vehicles be equipped with vehicle tracking systems in an effort to increase accountability among those with access to taxpayer funds.

Employee misconduct is an issue for every business, and this is why fleet management technology is often called upon by companies with mobile assets to help improve operations. “We work with a number of large and small businesses looking to enhance employee performance, routing efficiency and customer service through the use of GPS tracking systems”, explained a business tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “If this form of personal GPS tracking technology can hold the everyday worker accountable for their driving behaviors why shouldn’t it also be applied to those government and state vehicles that are purchased with taxpayer dollars, and government employees whose salaries are also financed with tax dollars?” The goal of the vehicle management strategy would be to not only reduce state employee misconduct but to also improve the efficiency of those workers while they are operating in government mobile assets.

Taxpayers pay the bill for the purchasing of government and state vehicles, but they also pay the bill for the fuel that makes those vehicles move. With GPS trackers holding the reputation as one of the most effective ways to reduce fuel consumption, vehicle management devices can also offer a functional solution to eliminate unnecessary trips or fuel expenses that could be doctored by crooked employees. This is because the satellite tracking solution will document with precision and detail every location the state and/or government employee traveled, making it easy to calculate fuel consumption and expenditures.

Stopping political figures from taking advantage of the system is more difficult than making the sun stop shining, but by putting tools in place to boost accountability at least we will be moving in the right direction. Civil service should not be rewarded with such luxuries and amenities.

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