Stewart Pokes Fun Of iPhone Situation

Comedian Jon Stewart Addresses Gizmodo/Apple

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When popular tech blog Gizmodo paid $5,000 dollars for what was believed to be the latest prototype of Apple‘s iPhone a controversy was created. Gizmodo, which says they paid an individual who found the futuristic iPhone at a bar in Redwood City, dissected the Apple product, reviewing and displaying the information online for viewers. Although there are differing opinions on the situation, with some people believing that the device found is not the next generation of iPhone, and others believing that the whole thing is a cleaver marketing ploy to cultivate a buzz, nobody had a better take on the unique situation than comedian

Jon Stewart.

Stewart, a self-proclaimed lover of Apple products, disagreed with some of the moves made by the tech-giant in handling the situation over Gizmodo’s review of the “next generation of iPhone”. Speaking in a comical fashion, Stewart poked fun at how police raided the home of a Gizmodo reviewer, breaking down his front door, after he had already given the prototype back to the people of Apple. Stewart proclaimed that police gave the Gizmodo reviewer the “meth lab treatment”.

GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct news editors believe the iPhone situation was a brilliant marketing strategy to keep Apple in the news after the release of their latest innovation the iPad.

What is your take on Apple, Gizmodo, Jon Stewart’s remarks and the conspiracy theory about Apple being the puppet master of the entire show?