Street View In Google Earth

GPS Tracking Satellite Image Program

Using The Street View Feature In Google Earth

One of the first questions people ask about GPS tracking system units is regarding how the tracking data is viewed. Although many of  TSD’s vehicle tracking systems have multiple mapping and text reporting features to view recorded or live data, the preferred way to observe driving activity information is through Google Earth. By now, most people are some what familiar with what Google Earth and Google Maps are and how they operate. Using these mapping programs requires little technical skill, but having greater knowledge on all of the bells and whistles of the programs can heighten the user’s experience. Looking to provide our customers and GPS enthusiasts additional knowledge on Google Earth features, we have chosen to showcase the above video that provides a tutorial on how to operate the Street View feature of the popular satellite image program.

Anyone with questions regarding Google Earth, the Street View feature or fleet management technology can contact us anytime. We are always here to offer our assistance!