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Super Bowl 48 Security To Be High

There are very few if any American sporting events that are as woven into the fabric of our culture and big as the Super Bowl. Americans love football, and I am not talking about the kind where guys in shorts flop on the ground and need to be carried off in a stretcher every time they get a cramp. No, I am talking about good ole’ smash-mouth American football played on a 100-yard field where men the size of houses try to hit each other as hard as they possibly can. The Super Bowl is by far and away the biggest sporting event in America and it has actually become almost a holiday of sorts. People gather by their giant flat-screen televisions, BBQ, and enjoy time with one another all while watching the greatest players in the NFL duke it out on the gridiron for sports immortality. Although the Super Bowl is a time for relaxation for most Americans, the event also is one of the most stressful times for organizers, police, and security details who will be in New York for Super Bowl 48. This is also the reason why technological security solutions such as real-time GPS tracking systems will be heavily used come Sunday.

Super Bowl GPS

Many people may not realize it but the Super Bowl can be a logistical nightmare. Police and security staff need to not only know where each other are located but also buses transporting players, team personnel and so much more. The information must be both accurate and in real-time, providing security with all of the data necessary to make certain things are moving without any hiccups. This is why GPS tracking devices similar to that of the SilverCloud GPS are being utilized for the Super Bowl and the weeks leading up to it.

Real-time GPS tracking systems such as the SilverCloud offer security and police a wealth of locational data that can help them determine where public safety vehicles are located, the speed they are traveling, if any of those vehicles are experiencing any mechanical difficulties and so much more. The tracking data is instantly populated upon dedicated online servers where all of the GPS tracking system information can be viewed by the proper authorities. This is because the GPS tracking is accessible with any web-enabled device, allowing security staff and fleet managers located in different regions, cities, and states to all view the vehicle tracking data simultaneously without any problems!

“Unfortunately, we live in a world where terrorism exists and therefore the safety of the fans, players and anyone else coming to New York to take part in the Super Bowl festivities has to be the number one concern”, explained a security professional involved with Super Bowl 48. “GPS tracking systems are one of the tools that we will be using to boost security, but we also intend on using a wide array of other solutions such as hidden cameras and other surveillance systems.”

The best security occurs when things go off without any hiccups and the security staff and police working the Super Bowl believe this will be one of the safest events people could ever be involved with because of the increased surveillance and presence of police enforcement. That means people can rest assured as they kick back and watch the Denver Broncos beat the Seattle Seahawks in the first Super Bowl ever to go into overtime 26-20.