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Security cameras and surveillance gear are now fairly commonplace in our industrialized world. People feel more safe and secure knowing security cameras now decorate parking lots, gas stations, and the inside of retail stores, but they are also becoming advantageous for business owners looking to monitor employee productivity and working habits. One of the greatest features of video monitoring technology and security products is that they do in fact have a two-pronged effect, enhancing employee safety and improving a companies ability to observe the work activity of employees. Although most video capturing devices document sales representatives interacting with potential customers, or faculty burning the midnight oil at their workstations, sometimes camera systems record behaviors that the word “strange” does not properly describe or quantify. In the above video clip, a work security camera that was placed inside of an office recorded an employee trying to make a photocopy at the company copy machine. There is nothing unique about this scenario that happens frequently throughout the day in almost every office environment, however, it was what the employee decided to make a photocopy of and the end result that has made this dope king of the idiots.

After walking near the company copy machine, an employee takes a couple of glances around to make certain no other co-workers are in the area. The reason he wants to have privacy is that his intention is not to make a copy of a legal document or sales report, but rather his stinky fat butt. After unbuckling his belt, dropping his pants and then his tidy whiteys, the productive employee lifts up the top of the copy machine and jumps up on top of the copier with his bare buns planted right on the scanner portion machine. Whatever the driving force and desire were to have a black and white copy of his fat butt may have been, the employee got more than he bargained for when the machine was unable to sustain the man’s weight. The story of this sad man’s adventure is funny as it stands, but the fact that a spy camera set up in the office recorded the entire event makes it even greater.

GPS tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS are often used to record the driving activity of employees, but when it comes to recording the work activity of employees in the office there is nothing better than surveillance camera technology. Who knows what you will catch your employees doing when you are not around!

Have you ever had the desire to make a photocopy of your butt while at work?

Do you think the employee should be fired, or is the viral video punishment enough for his actions?