Surveillance Captures Employee Go Mad

Surveillance Camera Records Meltdown

Hidden Camera In Office

Working in an office environment on a daily basis, we here at global GPS tracking distributing company Tracking System Direct understand the urge felt to destroy a copy or fax machine. The only thing that has likely prevented the staff members at Tracking System Direct from giving the office equipment used on a daily basis a good beat down is the fact that a) breaking office equipment is not a reasonable solution to fixing office equipment, and b) destroying company property may result in employment termination. However, that has not stopped many of us here from daydreaming about taking a baseball bat to a copy machine that continuously fails to connect to a personal computer or fax machine that repeatedly states line error. Although the office equipment at Tracking System Direct has been able to successfully avoid a physical altercation with a staff worker or vehicle tracking sales representative, not all fax machines and copiers at other offices have been so lucky. Thanks to some surveillance equipment installed to monitor employees at an unknown office, a spy camera documented an incident when an employee finally had enough with his office copier.

Although TSD was unable to discover who this office hero was or the company he worked for (We assume he lost his job after this little incident), we do feel that this video serves as a very important public service announcement about what can happen when office equipment simply won’t comply with demands. First, it starts with copiers not wanting to copy, and next thing you know it is Terminator 2 Judgement Day. This is a very slippery slope, and we are glad that one man had the courage to stand up against the machines!

Have you ever freaked out on any office equipment at your work?

Making the assumption that the employee was fired, do you believe that this incident is a valid reason to terminate an employee?