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GPS Tracking Or Computer Surveillance

What Is The Better Choice?

money_bulbEvery business across the globe is looking to expand growth and production, but the task is much more easier said than done. This is because companies not only have to spend endless amounts of time learning about the competition and industry standards, but also how to effectively motivate and monitor internal staff. Two of the tools being utilized by businesses all across the world over the past decade have been GPS tracking units designed to monitor mobile assets, and keystroke logger technology engineered to record and store all information and activity conducted on a personal computer. Obviously, if a business had the financial capital to invest in both forms of monitoring technology that would be the most desired choice, but what if your business only had the monetary flexibility to choose one?

What would be the better investment?

GPS Tracking System Solutions

One of the most popular form of surveillance utilized by companies over the past decade has been GPS monitoring. GPS tracking technology can help businesses in a variety of ways. First of all, it can improve route management of drivers making deliveries while documenting every stop the driver made, duration of travel, speeds driven and more. The vast amount of data can be used to see if employees are driving safely, making all the stops/deliveries required and more.

GPS tracking technology can also provide a theft-recovery solution for businesses looking to safeguard equipment or vehicles, as well as offer any company a unique and covert way to make certain employees are not doing side work or running personal errands on company time.

GPS monitoring solutions are definitely best suited for companies that have a fleet of vehicles that need to be managed, or business that feels it may have a problem driver.

Keystroke Logger Solutions

GPS tracking devices clearly have their place in the business world, but many companies do not have to worry about drivers, and at the same time want to enhance the effectiveness of their employees while holding staff accountable. The monitoring solution best suited for businesses who do not have to be concerned with deliveries, shipments or company drivers are keystroke loggers.

Think of keystroke logging technology as a way to uncover every single form of activity conducted on any personal computer. Pretty amazing stuff huh? The great thing about keystroke loggers is that they document everything from web pages an employee visited to emails sent/received. Even social networking activity on sites such as Facebook will be recorded. By implementing a computer surveillance program, companies have the ability to oversee employee activity with greater detail, and discover if an employee is actually working or spending countless hours chatting away online.

A keystroke logger will record everything an employee types, views or enters on a computer, making it the perfect solution for companies who believe office employees may be spending too much time surfing the web.

Boosting Efficiency

Whether your company has mobile assets and delivery trucks, or simply employees hammering away on computers in a cubicle, surveillance gear designed to increase employee productivity can help any business improve operations, customer serive and efficiency.


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