Dash Cam With Live View | Secure Car Camera With Live GPS

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Dash cam with live view With Real Time GPS!

Dash Cam With Live View With Live Stream & AI

The Ultimate Live Streaming Vehicle Camera With Real Time GPS

live streaming car camera GPS tracking

  • Watch Your Drivers In Real Time
  • Make Sure Employees Are Not Texting & Driving
  • Know Where Your Drivers Are Located 24/7
  • Motion Activated Live Video To Catch Thieves In Action
  • Find Out If Drivers Are Speeding Instantly
  • Never Worry About Your Work Vehicles Again
  • Location & Video Updates Every 15 Seconds

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

Do you want to make sure your employees are not moonlighting in work vehicles? Maybe you are concerned jobs are not being completed when you are not around. Whether it is for increasing vehicle security or employee performance, a car camera recorder with front and rear live video feed and real time GPS trackingwill help your business! We all know time is money and greater efficiency leads to better business, and that is why companies everywhere are securing their work vehicles with live streaming dash cams with live GPS tracking.

August 14, 2020
Employee Caught Doing Drugs
Absolutely love this device! A couple of our clients contacted us saying one of our landscapers was acting a little abnormal, but when we checked the GPS tracking data it showed he was arriving at the job sites on time. However, when we looked at the recorded video data it showed Miguel our work truck breaking up pills and snorting them in. He claimed he had a prescription and it was for back pain but we could not risk the liability.
ryan upd
Ryan E
September 06, 2020
We recover stolen tools
One of our electrical vans was broken into and the white trash pieces of shit stole nearly a thousand dollars worth of tools and equipment. This dash cam recorded the incident and we were able to both identify the tweakers and give police enough information that led to a quick arrest. Unfortunately, the scum bags weren’t in jail long thanks to our idiot Governor Newsom and his COVID19 rules that are keeping criminals out of jail. At least we were able to recover the tools

Road-Facing Dash Cam: 1080P full HD video with 140° adjustable wide-angle lens captures complete driving activity and details on the road.

Cabin-Facing Dash Cam: 720P full HD adjustable wide-angle color and IR cameras for improved facial recognition at night.

100% Tamper-Resistant SIM Card: Dash cam with live GPS tracking includes 128 GB SD card slot that is locked with safety screws, securing your device from someone trying to tamper with the unit.

Easy Set-Up: 4G live dash cam is easier to install than a regular tracking unit!Mounting bracket and rotating ring help position the car camera. Simply, hard-wire device by connecting constant hot and a ground wire with the fuse pack that comes with the purchase.

One-Click Manual Recording: Event-trigger button allows drivers to send email notifications about driving events and auto-upload video clips to the cloud.

Rugged All-Weather Design:Live stream dash cam was engineered to operate in a variety of conditions such as in the Texas heat or Nebraska cold.

Real Time Data Plans $39.95 Per Month

live stream dash camIs GPS Tracking Important On A Dash Cam?

Absolutely! The real time GPS tracking feature on a car camera is important because it can be used as evidence if one of your work vehicles is involved in an accident.

  • Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto-detect distracted driving, employees who are texting, and driving conditions to send real time alerts and trigger video recordings.
  • Real Time Audio Alerts: Correct high-risk driving behaviors as they happen in real time by providing audio feedback and warnings before an accident happens!
  • Live Streaming Video Recording: Automatically upload the video data to the cloud server via a 3G/4G network and record continuous live streaming video on the car camera’s SD card.
  • Dual Dash Cam With Parking Mode: Our built-in internal battery automatically activates the live stream car cam whenever the risk of collision is detected by AI for up to 8 hours! Even if a car thief cuts power and tows your work vehicle, the internal battery will keep GPS tracking alive so you can recover your stolen truck, van, or automobile.

Dash Cam With Live GPS Tracking

Dash Cam With Live Stream

Why You Need A 4G Live Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

Does This Come With An Auxiliary Camera For The Rear?

The live streaming dash cam provides a live video feed of the front and cab of the vehicle. The cab and front view meet the needs of most businesses. However, if you also need to secondary accessory camera for the rear, we do offer an auxiliary cam that utilizes Bluetooth and will work within 8 feet of the base unit. This additional cost is $149.

dash cam with real time gps tracker

Why Does The Dash Cam Come With A Memory Card? – 3 Reasons

  1. Historical info is stored on the memory card so when you query historical data, you are calling the camera and accessing the chronological data on that SD card.
  2. There are times when a major event happens (like theft or serious accident) in which removing the data card to preserve evidence is essential. If you leave it in you risk overwriting some of the data.
  3. SD card can be played like a movie, unthrottled… in contrast, accessing the camera remotely from your mobile phone or computer allows the user to play short video clips.

How To Install Your Car Camera

Car Camera Install Guide

How To Use Your Live Streaming Dual Dash Cam

Car Camera User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Secure Car Camera offer real-time GPS tracking for business vehicles?

Yes, the Secure Car Camera offers real-time GPS tracking. This advanced feature allows you to monitor your fleet’s location and movements at all times. Stay in control of your business vehicles with accurate location data and optimize routes to improve efficiency.

Can the AI in the Secure Car Camera detect and record specific events like texting or eating while driving?

Absolutely! The Secure Car Camera’s AI is designed to recognize and record events such as eating, texting, or getting sleepy while driving. This helps promote safe driving habits and ensures that your drivers are focused on the road.

Is the Secure Car Camera suitable for all types of business vehicles?

Yes, the Secure Car Camera is suitable for various business vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of trucks, vans, or cars, this dash cam will provide valuable insights and enhance driver accountability, making it an excellent investment for your business.

How can the Secure Car Camera benefit my business in the long run?

The Secure Car Camera can provide numerous benefits to your business. By monitoring driver behavior, you can identify areas for improvement and offer tailored coaching. Additionally, real-time GPS tracking helps optimize routes, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall fleet efficiency. Ultimately, this dash cam will contribute to a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective fleet operation.

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