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Are you worried your partner or spouse is being unfaithful? Are they secretive with their iPhone or Android device and simply acting different lately? If your husband or wife is cheating they are likely doing everything they can to hide this from you, and this is why the mini hidden voice recorder is the tool to help you find out what is really going on!


Most cheaters are good at hiding their unfaithful ways from their partners, and it is the reason they will have most conversations with their side person on the phone while in their car. A location they feel safe and can let their guard down. This nearly undetectable voice recorder can easily be hidden inside a car, turn on with its voice-activation feature, and begin recording all those “private” conversations to help you get the truth.

Voice recognition and recording technology has become a whole lot more covert in nature with the creation of the Mini Digital Voice Recorder. Not only does the Mini Digital Voice Recorder resemble a flash drive, but the voice recording system actually is a flash drive that can store digital data. Whether you are using the VRB 8GB Digital Voice Recorder to record a classroom lecture, office meeting, or some other important event, the audio recorder will allow you to never miss a single detail!

Secretly Record Conversations Without Them Knowing!

The small and portable design of the Mini Digital Voice Recorder allows you to take the device anywhere without hassle. This digital voice recorder does not require any programs to be downloaded, has no external wires/cables, and can quickly be turned on/off with the simple press of a button. Adding to the user-friendly experience, the audio recorder can easily connect to a PC for file transferring.

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Slimmest Voice Activated Recorder with 145 Hours Recording Capacity, MP3 Records, 24 Hours Battery Time, Metal Case 

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