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Talking To Employees About GPS Tracking

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How Employers Should Introduce Fleet Tracking Plans To Workers

The global economy has been struggling, fuel prices have been rising and businesses have been left searching for methods to both reduce inefficiency and improve profitability. This is the reason why so many companies worldwide have adopted fleet tracking and vehicle management plans that call upon tracker devices to oversee employee driving activity. Although GPS monitoring systems are intended to reduce fuel consumption, vehicle idling, poor route selection and costly automotive maintenance, some employees simply feel GPS is solely used to invade their privacy. The employees may view satellite technology as intrusive Big Brother type behavior and look negatively upon it. This is why employers need to communicate with their employees about tracker devices and the benefits of GPS monitoring.

Being Honest With Employees

One of the first things some employees may think after hearing that a GPS tracking system will monitor their driving activity is that they are being singled out. They might think that their boss wants to track everywhere they are going simply to catch them doing something wrong. This is something that businesses should address. One simple way to to solve this problem is to explain that all automotive assets held by the company will by under GPS monitoring to safeguard both equipment and personnel, and that not one person in particular is being singled out. The company can then reason with employees by stating that legally they have the authority to monitor drivers with GPS without the employees permission, but instead felt that all employees should be in the know about any program implemented to boost safety and efficiency. When an employee is told by the employer that they do not need to notify them in regards to a GPS monitoring plan but choose to do so it most often times creates more transparency in the worker/manager relationship. This trust and transparency is something that leads to long-term success and communication.

The Cost Of Doing Business

When discussing GPS tracking systems businesses should be quick to point out that reducing overhead spending is something that is universally beneficial to all people collecting paychecks. One small ambulance company located in South Carolina explained to the staff that times were so difficult that they had no other option but to use real-time GPS monitoring devices to cut down on fuel consumption. They pointed out that the last thing they wanted to do was lay staff off and that calculations showed a more effective fuel management strategy would result in the company being able to keep all employees working.

Digital Supervision Is Everywhere

Technology to provide oversight and security is everywhere, but some employees may be quick to forget this. Businesses should remind workers that digital supervision and technology designed for safety is a positive thing and that is why it so abundantly found in today’s world. For example, almost every major retail shopping center now has hidden camera systems decorating parking structures and camera devices watching consumers as they shop in stores. This video recording is found at gas stations, restaurants, banks, and even fast-food establishments. In some cities, the same type of hidden camera technology is even used to catch motorists committing traffic violations. Known as red light camera systems, these types of video camera devices are constantly watching drivers as they travel making certain that the rules of the road are being followed.

Businesses that want to maintain success need to constantly focus on ways of improving efficiency, worker production and profit in the most effective methods possible. Tracker devices that use real-time GPS are one of the new tools giving businesses the oversight technology that can maximize driver production, safety, and efficiency, but companies must never forget the vital role that the good employees play in business success. This is why it is always good to openly discuss any new strategy involving workers even if that strategy is a GPS fleet tracking one that will require driver oversight.