Security GPS Bracelet Device Provides More

GPS_Bracelet1Since the debut of the Senior GPS Bracelet, concerned families all across the globe have been contacting Tracking System Direct (TSD) to discuss the latest real-time monitoring solutions designed for senior care. In terms of vehicle monitoring, SilverCloud GPS has been the go-to automotive tracking solution for nearly two years. But as excellent as that tracker device performs in the context of vehicle monitoring, the size and battery-life do not make it ideal for tracking the movements of a person. Since many families with special needs children and elderly loved ones demand a GPS solution capable of reporting real-time positional information, the Senior GPS Bracelet was added to the exclusive TSD product line. Although this personal tracking bracelet has helped many families better observe the movements of a wandering senior or disabled child, one of the complaints some families had about the device was that it did not feature a security lock and key. Understanding the needs of the consumer, Tracking System Direct has now introduced a personal monitoring bracelet that features a security lock and key with digital tamper warning alert!

Security GPS Bracelet Users

Many families in the world are dealt a challenging hand of cards they must play. Whether the diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder or Dementia, anything that can make family security more attainable is always important. That is why so many consumers are now investing in personal location GPS monitoring devices. The only problem is that almost all of these personal location GPS monitoring tracking devices had no way to securely attach to the individual, or offer some form of tamper alerting.

“After numerous requests by our customers asking for a locking personal GPS location bracelet, we searched tirelessly to find a affordable, reliable, real-time solution that could meet our stringent standards”, a specialist for TSD explained. “With this new GPS personal location tracker, families will be able to securely fashion the security product to a senior or disabled person without worry the individual will remove the unit. If the person equipped with the personal tracker makes an attempt to cut the band or remove the system, an alert is sent to the person(s) monitoring the individual.”

The newest security lock GPS bracelet offers all of the same features of the Senior GPS Bracelet, but with an additional tamper warning alert and locking band. This band tightens securely and safely to the individual, only able to unlock with the assistance of a family member or caregiver with access to the key. Sadly, no piece of technological equipment can end degenerative or cognitive disease. But at least the products engineered and designed by the best and brightest the GPS industry has to offer can help alleviate some of the worry associated with a loved one wandering off or becoming lost.