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S-911 Technical Suport Info

elderly manOne of the most popular products carried by the Tracking System Direct online store is a device engineered to increase senior safety while allowing those elderly persons continued independence. The product is called the Senior GPS Bracelet and what the system does is provide the locational data of a senior 24/7. The senior wears the personal tracker and family members in different areas can all view where that elderly person is located any time they want. For those impacted with Alzheimer’s and other memory related problems, the senior tracker can literally be a life-saving tool. However, many people who invest in senior safety products can sometimes have questions regarding system operation or features. For those seeking more information on how to fully use the senior GPS, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce that Laipac Technologies will be taking care of all technical assistance for the senior tracker Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Eastern Standard Time!

What Is The S-911 Senior GPS

The S-911 elderly GPS tracker is a senior safety product designed to give families live GPS access to a family member’s whereabouts at any time. The senior GPS offers features such as two-way voice communication that allow any family member to speak directly to a wandering senior, and even the ability to set a virtual safe zone that will alert family members if the senior is outside of that safe zone. Alerts are sent by text message or email and can notify up to 100 different contacts. What makes this senior safety product one of the best on the market is it gives people in different locations the ability to view personal GPS tracking data and also communicate with the senior in a emergency situation. Even better is the panic button feature that will call out for help if a senior pushes it. With wandering and personal safety being such a concern for families who have a aging debit the senior tracker can really be a valuable tool.

Please note this product can also be used by anyone who might wander or become lost such as those suffering with autism or other memory-related challenges.

Where Can I Get Technical Support?

For those who have purchased the senior tracker and would like to get in touch with a technical support representative, below is the email and phone support contact information

Email Support

Phone support


Please note that the senior GPS monitoring system is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.