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Teen Driving

Risk-Taking Behaviors Could Be Due To Brain Development

Everyday teens engage in risk-taking behaviors that could potentially put their lives in danger. Neuroscientists and researchers now believe that the risk-taking behaviors that teens frequently engage in is due to lack of development in a specific portion of the brain that is responsible for executive decision making and planning. Unfortunately, the risk taking can lead to a serious situation when it is teamed up with teen driving. With car accidents being the main cause for premature death among teens it is clear that parents need to understand the dangers associated with teen driving.

Parents need to be aware that irresponsible teen driving can result in a traffic citation, revoked driver’s license or an accident.

So what are parents doing to help make sure that their teen drivers are following the rules of the road?

Although there are a variety of solutions available to parents, many are turning toward GPS tracking systems as a way to validate safe driving. Having the ability to access the speed a teen is driving, places they drove to and more gives many parents a sense of peace, and that is why GPS vehicle trackers have became one of the most popular selling devices among parents with teen drivers.