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Mandated Monitoring Until 18

Should Parents Be Required To GPS Track Teen Drivers?

DrivingSome people are sick and tired of seeing the horrific statistics associated with teens and inexperienced driving. Not only are teen drivers a danger to themselves if they get behind the wheel and engage in dangerous driving behaviors, but they are also a danger to everyone else sharing the roadways. One of the more controversial methods some people are discussing to help get control over the teen driving problem is mandating that parents of teen drivers under the age of 18 monitor the driving behaviors of their novice driver with the help of GPS tracking system technology.

Many people are lobbying state lawmakers to do something about the problem of teen driving. Nobody should have their life end prematurely from an automobile accident, especially someone as young as a teen driver, and that is why some people are seeing GPS vehicle tracker devices as the solution. Already used by companies for fleet management purposes and law enforcement for surveillance purposes, GPS auto monitoring systems are excellent tools for recording or viewing driving activity/behavior. What is being discussed is that parents be mandated to monitor their teen’s driving behaviors up until the age of 18 via a tracker units, making it easy for the parent to discover if their teen is speeding or committing any other traffic violations

The law would also provide tax breaks to off-set the cost of a tracking system, allowing the parent to purchase any car tracker system they feel is the bets for their teen.

Popular systems used for teen auto tracking applications include the GPS Tracking Key and SilverCloud GPS tracker.

Auto Tracking System Thoughts

Do you think the law requiring parents to monitor the driving habits of a teen driver via GPS car tracking technology is a good way to reduce the number of accidents caused from poor teen driving?