Teen Pregnancy On Decline


Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Strategies

Pregnancy On Decline Among Teens

Although most of the statistics and data released these days are filled with less than pleasant information, a new study regarding teen pregnancy obtained by GPS tracking system wholesale distributor Tracking System Direct shows some good news. What the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study shows is that pregnancy among teenage girls is on  decline.

The study, which focused on teen girls aged 15-19 years old, showed that from 2007 to 2008 teen pregnancy fell 2%.

The study provided many parents, schools and health officials with some positive news, as it was widely speculated that the pregnancy among teens was on the increase.

According to a representative for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies, the cause for the decline is likely a combination of factors, including more awareness among teens thanks to shows such as MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”, which document the struggles of teen pregnancy. The same representative also suggested that the current economic situation could be playing a factor in why many teens are rethinking the sexual choices they are making.

Another reason for the decline in the birth rate can be attributed to the increase in parental monitoring abilities with the help of technology. Monitoring and tracking devices designed for GPS teen tracking, such as the GPS Tracking Key, Flashback GPS and SilverCloud GPS tracker have all given parents a 21st century way of keeping their kids safe. The quicker a parent can discover that their teen is sexually active, the quicker they can intervene.

Source: Washington Post