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Should Parents Be Fined For Irresponsible Teen Behavior?

A New Approach To Solving Teen Driving DangersAny parent who has a teenager understands how stressful life can be. Teens can get themselves into an unlimited amount of trouble as potential bad influences are all around them and can shape behaviors that can last a lifetime.

So why exactly is a parent to do?

Well, some states are not providing the answer to that tough question, but what they are doing is fining parents for irresponsible actions of their teens.

Currently, many school districts have been teaming up with local law enforcement and working on programs and initiatives that require parents to pay a fine if their teen skips class. Some parents are familiar with these types of measures, but now some groups are calling for parents to be fined for irresponsible teen driving habits as well.

It does not matter what statistics you read or where you get them from, there is mountains of evidence that can validate teen drivers are more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle incident than any other types of drivers. Believing parents play a significant role in a teen’s driving habits, some groups believe the best way for the roads to become safer for everyone is to make parents of newly licensed drivers more accountable for their teen’s driving. By requiring a teen and/or parent to be financially responsible for any traffic infractions or violations received by the teen driver, some groups believe vehicle-related fatalities in the 17-25 age group will be reduced significantly.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

One way some parents are holding their teens more accountable for their driving habits is by using GPS tracking devices for monitoring. “I never thought I would be one of those crazy parents who used a teen GPS tracker to check up on their kid, but once my son got his first speeding ticket, driving 72 mph in a 55 mph zone, I had to reassess my position and do everything possible to prevent him from continuing to drive like an idiot”, explained a mother named Susan Hutchinson.

Vehicle tracking devices that can transmit in real-time or car GPS trackers with no monthly fees that record GPS tracking data for review at a later time can both provide information on the speed a teen was driving, places a teen has been and more.

Should Parents Pay The Price?

Every adult remembers moments from when they were in high school, and how influential peers, teachers, and parents were. A strong positive influence can do wonders for any young person, but is forcing a parent to pay the consequences of a teen’s driving mistakes a real solution?

As teens mature into young adults they begin to take on new responsibilities and sometimes struggle with those responsibilities. However, the only way people can grow is by experiencing failure. Some teens can listen to a parent or watch a movie about the dangers of teen driving and understand the consequences of poor driving. However, many others need to get a speeding ticket or hit a curb before they wake up.

Who do you believe is at fault when a teen does something stupid? The parent or the teen?