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Typically, when a person turns on the news they are bombarded with stories about cheating celebrities, politics and crime. However, a news agency recently aired a story on the accuracy of GPS tracking devices where it performed an independent test on a real-time GPS tracking device offered by Tracking System Direct. What the news agency discovered was that the real-time vehicle tracking device worked as good, if not better than, advertised. Accurately recording speeds traveled and locations visited, the news crew was astonished at how well the tracking system performed.

After the conclusion of the experiment, the news agency interviewed a teenager, parent of a teenager and a private investigator about GPS tracking applications. When the teenager was asked about how he would feel if his parents placed a vehicle tracking system in his car he said he would be “shocked”. However, that same teen’s parent stated that GPS tracking teens would be a great idea to ensure safe driving habits.

Parents of teen drivers understand the dangers and statistics associated with teen driving and would be willing to utilize any tool that could increase safe driving behaviors. GPS tracking systems provide the tools necessary to reduce the probability of a teen driver speeding or going to places they should not be going.

Discussing the GPS tracking application of monitoring cheating spouses, a private investigator interviewed explained that he frequently uses vehicle tracking devices to monitor wayward spouses. Cheating husbands, wives or significant other’s cheating ways are easily exposed with GPS tracking technology.

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If you had access to real-time vehicle tracking what would you use the GPS tracker to monitor?

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