Text Messaging While Driving

Texting While Driving Dangers

No matter what race, gender or religion you are, when you step inside your car and drive on the roadways that we all share you are simply another motorist. With so many people traveling to and from work, running errands, going to school, eating out for lunch/dinner or doing some other activity away from home, the roadways are filled with an assortment of individuals with differing personalities, driving behaviors, and driving experience. The road is generally a very safe place when motorists are adhering to posted speed limit signs and removing personal distractions. However, when the common and popular habit of texting is combined with driving the result can be fatal for not only the person sending the text message(s), but also the other people sharing the roadways with that distracted motorist.

Texting while driving is widely viewed by many independent research study groups as more dangerous than drinking and driving. However, the stigma and dangers associated with drinking and driving are much stronger than those associated with texting while driving. A number of factors probably contribute to this popular thinking, including the high number of people who own cellular phones, the ability for drivers to hide texting while driving from police and the lack of strong penalties. For example, if a motorist is busted for drinking and driving they will lose their license for a year, have to complete many hours of community service, attend AA meetings, face possible jail time and pay fines upwards of $1500.00. However, if a motorist is caught texting while driving they will either receive a warning or fine of $150.00. Clearly, our society has chosen to vilify drinking and driving over texting while driving even though many of the statistics show that texting while driving is much worse.

Looking to bring more attention to the topic, our GPS tracking system editors will continue to write and make posts regarding the dangers associated with texting and driving, as well as teen driving. Thankfully, some celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey have also taken the pledge to bring awareness to this very important phenomenon that has plagued our country over the past five years.

Oprah created the “No Phone Zone“, an awareness program aimed at making drivers focus on the road and not their cellular phones while driving. The program has been endorsed by celebrities, musicians and politicians everywhere.

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Have you ever sent or received a text message while driving, and did it temporarily impair your driving?

Should lawmakers make penalties for texting while driving more substantial in an effort to reduce the problem of texting while driving?