The Best Air Quality In America


Where Is All The Clean Air?

American Lung Association Has New Findings

SkyEveryone knows that pollution is bad for not only humans, but animals and environment as well. Assumptions and educated guesses about what areas provided the best air quality and least amount of pollution had always intrigued people, but now a news release by the American Lung Association helps better define what areas have the best air quality in the country.

According to the release that was acquired by GPS tracking system provider Tracking System Direct, the areas that have improved air quality the most in the United States are the Midwest and Northeast regions.

Overall, the American Lung Association has stated publicly that with the increased awareness and action toward reducing air pollution over the past 10 years that the air quality across the board has improved. With the reduction of coal-powered/fueled emissions and the advancement of cleaner running vehicles and fuels, there has been a significant decline in overall pollution in the United States.

Although pollution levels are on the decline, the report also notes that nearly 175 million people still live in areas where they are exposed to dangerous levels of smog and soot.

The cities that topped the list for most unhealthy included several cities in California such as Bakersfield and Los Angeles. Cities in the Phoenix, Arizona region, such as Scottsdale and Mesa, also ranked high on the list for being unhealthy.

Source: Health