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New Surveillance Products Make Debut

ElectricBoxSpyCamera2Tracking System Direct has long been the trusted name when it comes to GPS personal tracking and vehicle management technologies. Although the Southern California based asset protection company is proud of this distinction, customer demand for a more diverse line of security devices made the company look into expanding their product line. After evaluating a number of  covert cameras for home and the workplace, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce the debut of multiple spy cameras!

Camera For Business

Workplace security is always a concern whether it be for asset protection or simply employee management. Naturally, the common surveillance camera typically mounted on the wall of a building offers some element of oversight, but savvy criminals can quickly detect the traditional camera system and work around it. This was a significant concern when Tracking System Direct began evaluating cameras for the workplace environment. “There are a lot of solutions out on the market when it comes to security cameras, but our focus was on sleuth gear that would blend in with the environment while capturing activity in high-definition detail”, explained President of Operations Ryan Horban. “We began focusing on cameras designed as rocks, electrical boxes, teddy bears and other things that would blend in seamlessly. After finding systems that fit this incognito description we then turned our focus to the performance of the devices. Detailed video feeds, clear audio and product ease of use were all tested, evaluated and rated. After working hands-on with hundreds of products, we are now very excited about the systems that met out performance standards and have joined our community of top-rate security solutions.

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Those interested in gaining more information about the latest spy products can visit the Tracking System Direct online store or reach out to a security expert 7 days week via email or phone.