The Worst GPS Tracking System


GPS Tracking System Red Flags For Consumers

Is Your Tracking System A Bad One?

With so many GPS tracking options available to consumers, finding the perfect vehicle tracking solution can be difficult. Consumers looking at purchasing a GPS system need to first identify their tracking system needs and then speak with a GPS tracking expert about goals, applications and what GPS trackers are available. Unfortunately, many consumers feel a need to rush into the purchase of a tracking system because a great need to monitor:

  • A potential slacking employee.
  • A teen driver who may be speeding or going to places they shouldn’t be going.
  • A significant other may be involved in destructive behaviors such as gambling, drug use or infidelity.
  • A variety of GPS tracking applications.

When rushing into any purchase the likelihood of a mistake occurring grows. Therefore, if you are a person who purchased a GPS tracking system how can you tell if the product you purchased is one of quality or a lemon? Below is a list of questions consumers need to ask themselves to help evaluate whether the vehicle tracking device they own is a winner or a loser.

1. Does My Tracking System Have A Magnetic Mount?

Having the ability to put a GPS tracker outside of a vehicle is a huge advantage for law enforcement and consumers needing covert placement. Some GPS tracking manufacturers or resellers will offer pelican cases or other solutions that will allow for outside placement, but if you own a tracking system that cannot be attached to the outside of a vehicle you may have a lemon.

2. Is My GPS Tracking System Water-Resistant?

With one of the most common placements of a tracking system being the outside frame of a vehicle, a GPS system should have the ability to at the very least sustain a light splashing of water. A high-quality tracking system should be able to sustain mild elemental conditions while functioning without flaws.

3. Does My GPS Tracking Provider Answer The Phone?

Every consumer who purchases a GPS tracking system has a different level of technical expertise that they bring to the table, therefore, those people who may not have much computer skills may need assistance. Technical support, customer support, and sales support are huge in the GPS tracking industry. If you call your GPS tracking provider and they have technical support representatives working in Canada, India or China you probably purchased a tracking system from a bad company. Also, if you cannot speak with any representative from the company you purchased your GPS tracking system 7 days a week you may have purchased a lemon.

Although there are many more factors that can determine whether a GPS vehicle tracking system or provider is offering the best the vehicle tracking industry has to offer, Tracking System Direct will always do the leg work for the consumer. Consumers can rest assured when they see a GPS tracker on Tracking System Direct that the GPS system has been extensively tested and evaluated for accuracy, reliability, durability and more.