Time To Eat Your Choclate

Chocolate May Increase Heart Health

Study Shows Chocolate May Reduce Heart Attack & Stroke Risk

Chocolate_BarsHeart disease is quickly coming close to surpassing cigarette smoking as the most preventable disease in America that is the biggest killer. A person is much more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke by making poor diet choices, not getting enough proper exercise, smoking cigarettes or many other factors. However, there is good news concerning this killer that takes the lives of approximately 700,000 people per year, and that is that people who eat chocolate on a daily basis are much less likely to encounter potentially fatal heart disease.

Although the news that chocolate can be potentially good for preventing heart disease may send millions of women to the store in search of bags of milk duds, we want to caution that the research showed the reduced risk was with people who consumed only 3.5 oz of chocolate a day. According to information gathered by a GPS tracking system editor, the German research team discovered that people who ate 3.5 oz of chocolate were nearly 40% less likely to suffer from heart disease than those who did not eat chocolate.

Researchers caution that moderation of chocolate intake is very important in reducing heart disease risk, for over-consumption could potentially lead to excess weight gain, a contributing factor to increased heart disease.

So with Easter right around the corner, feel free to have a bit of that chocolate bunny and don’t hate yourself too much for doing it!

Tracking System Opinion

Do you consider yourself a chocolate lover?

If a real time GPS tracking device such as the SilverCloud GPS were monitoring a chocolate delivery vehicle left abandoned in Philadelphia, considered to be the fattest city in America, what would be the likelihood of that vehicle being stolen?

Source: WebMD