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Top 5 Christmas Gifts Women Can Get For Car Loving Men


Christmas Gifts For Guys Who Love Cars

We are officially a week away from Christmas and if you are like me you probably still don’t have a clue what to get your husband. Every time you ask him what he wants or needs the response is a shrug and mumble. Picking a good Christmas gift for a man is a very difficult thing to do, especially for women wanting to opt for something a little more awesome than another dress shirt and bow tie. One safe bet women can make is to buy something auto-related because let’s face it ladies the only thing men love more than boobs and butts are cars. After doing a little research and few interviews with some male co-workers, here are the top 5 Christmas gifts for guys who love cars!

1. Emergency Roadside Kit

Men are rarely prepared, ever. Thankfully, smartphones and mobile apps such as Google Maps have helped men not get lost quite as much, but when and if an emergency situation ever occurs guys are typically still far from ready to appropriately handle the situation. Therefore, a roadside emergency kit can be the perfect gift for a car-loving man and best of all any girl can put this together on the cheap! Simply go down to a local hardware store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot and fill your cart with some of the essentials like a flashlight, extra batteries, heat blanket, gloves, portable tool kit, jumper cables, an actual paper map and of course a small bottle of whiskey. This is a great gift for any man and most importantly can potentially save his life in an emergency situation.

2. GPS Tracking Device For Automobile

One of the most popular gadgets for car lovers is GPS tracking systems. These portable monitoring devices can be placed in the glove box, under a seat or many different locations on a vehicle, tracking the location of that car 24/7. The real-time vehicle GPS device can record travel activity, mileage driven and other information that will make any technology-loving man drool. Not to mention, GPS auto tracking devices can also provide theft protection which can help a man quickly locate his beloved car if it is ever stolen.

3. Winter Driving Course

Okay so this gift doesn’t really apply to men living in California or any of the other sunshine states that don’t have seasonal weather, but for those men who live in areas where heavy rain, sleet or snow are real issues then a winter driving course can be a pretty cool holiday gift. These courses allow men to basically spin their car out and have a fun time while learning driving techniques that can be life-saving if he is ever operating a vehicle in a bad storm

4. Eargasm Audio System

Men like fast cars and loud music. This is 100% an absolute fact so what else could be better than an ass-kicking sound system for the holidays? The answer is nothing. Sound systems have continued to evolve and can now include satellite radio, multimedia player option and of course that bass kicking sound that will bring him back to his glory days. Ladies only need to contact a local audio alarm business or even one of the big-name companies such as Best Buy and ask about the various options available for sound systems.

5. A Total Car Makeover

Men love their cars but that doesn’t mean they always treat them with the best of care. This gives us ladies an opportunity to do something any man would like: give their beloved automobile a total makeover. What I mean is a beauty treatment for the car that includes a complete wash to the exterior as well as interior, vehicle trash cleaned up, carpets shampooed and overall just a thorough deep cleanse.

Shopping for a man can be a pain but hopefully, these 5 Christmas gift ideas for men who love their card can make things a little easier on you ladies. Shop well and shop fast girls!