Finding The Right GPS Tracker

amazon logoAmazon is freaking awesome. The online marketplace makes it easy for shoppers to get bargains and get those items delivered to their home ridiculously fast with services such as Amazon Prime. Although their is no denying that Amazon is the dominant player when it comes to online storefronts, finding detailed reviews, descriptions and information about certain technological products can be a little confusing to some novice online shoppers. With the GPS industry continuing to grow into a multi-billion dollar market, our team has decided to provide consumers information about the top 5 selling GPS monitoring systems on Amazon!

1. SilverCloud GPS

One of the premier live GPS car tracking units on the market today, SilverCloud is perfect for businesses or consumers who want a portable tracker that can offer live updates on the location of a vehicle as fast as every 3 seconds! The tracker can be programmed to work internationally, be moved from vehicle-to-vehicle and does not require users to sign up for any long-term service contracts. The GPS is simple, accurate and affordable at $299.

2. GPS Tracking Key

One of the top-selling GPS solutions over the past decade, GPS Tracking Key has continually evolved to meet the needs of parents looking to track a teen and companies interested in employee driving activity. This GPS has no service fees and is therefore classified as a passive tracker, meaning the tracker must be removed from a automobile for data to be reviewed. Although the unit doesn’t offer live tracking what it does provide is second-by-second tracking, mileage reports, speed alerts and more all for the cost of $149.

3. Sync System

Developed to pull power from a vehicle through the on-board diagnostic port, this GPS is small, affordable ($199) and easy to operate. Live updates and no monthly service contracts also make it ideal for those looking to avoid any long-term commitments to a GPS monitoring system.

4. I-Trail

Small and portable, the I-Trail is another device that does not offer live tracking and therefore is considered a passive tracker. The GPS vehicle tracking data is less detailed and user-friendly than that of the GPS Tracking Key but this system is a above average solution for those wanting to short-term car tracker at a bargain. Probably best suited for those who are a little more tech savvy and only need a tracker for say tracking a potentially cheating spouse or bad employee.

5. Spark Nano

What makes this tracker a popular buy is that the device is small and affordable ($99). Unfortunately, both the professional and customer reviews are pretty accurate when they state this device has some serious shortcomings in terms of performance. The short battery life (10 hours) is the trade off for the compact design, the online interface for viewing tracking data is nowhere near the same class as SilverCloud GPS and product evaluations by GPS experts show the performance show very spotty coverage. However, the device is marketed well and price is low, making the Spark Nano a top Amazon seller.