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Top 5 Reasons Parents Use GPS Tracking Systems


Tracking Systems Make Parenting A Little Easier

Top 5 Reasons For GPS Tracking Teens

concerned_teenUnfortunately, their is no class that can teach a person what to expect from the trials and tribulations of being the parent of a teenager. No person can really explain the anxious feeling that can consume a parent when a teenager forgets to call and check-in, the first time they leave town with their friends, or the first time they take the keys and go behind the wheel solo. With so many potential dangers surrounding teens, many parents have found themselves looking for any type of assistance that can help calm their nerves. What many tech-savvy concerned parents have been doing is calling upon GPS tracking system technology to help in parenting.

There are a number of reasons why an individual might call upon GPS vehicle tracking technology for their monitoring needs, but for parents GPS tracking is no kid’s play. Below are the top 5 reasons why parents use GPS tracking devices to monitor teen driving.

5. GPS Tracking Systems Can Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

With the economy in a severe recession after the collapse of the housing market, Americans everywhere are doing what they can to save money. Aside from some of the more obvious benefits of equipping a vehicle with a GPS tracking device, some car insurance companies are offering discounted insurance rates to teens whose vehicles are being monitored continuously by parents and teen GPS tracking devices in real-time.

4. GPS Tracking Systems Can Act As Theft-Recovery Devices

By having a GPS tracking system installed to a teen’s vehicle a parent can feel comfort knowing that if their teen does something dumb, like leave the car keys in the ignition while the doors are unlocked, that the vehicle’s location will always be accessible. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released a report stating that the decrease in auto-theft incidents over the past 10 years can be directly attributed to the increased use of real-time GPS tracking devices among consumers and businesses.

3. Parent Is Concerned Their Teen May Be Involved With Drugs Or Alcohol

With peer pressure tempting teens to experiment with drugs or alcohol, many parents fear that their teens will become entangled with a “bad crowd”. GPS tracking systems record very specific driving-related information such as addresses arrived, departed and every stop a driver made. When a live GPS tracker is on a teen’s vehicle a parent will always be aware of who their teen is hanging out with.

2. Parent Believes Teen Driver Is Not Going Where They Say They Are Going

Often times teens will tell a parent that they will be going to a late night showing of a movie when in reality they intend on going to a party. GPS tracking makes the days of lying a thing of the past. With GPS tracking technology if a parent ever becomes suspicious that their teen is some where they are not suppose to be they can easily access the location of their vehicle by going online and accessing the information.

1. Parent Believes Teenage Driver Is Speeding

The number one cause for premature death among teenagers is traffic-related accidents, and one of the main causes of teen driving accidents is excessive speeding. Having the ability to monitor the speed a teen is driving gives parents a simple way to shape the driving habits of their newly licensed teen driver. GPS tracking devices provide the technologically advanced an accurate and reliable solution to the age old problem of irresponsible teen driving. For example, parents who see habitual incidents of excessive speeding can revoke a teen’s driving privileges or apply an alternative punishment to for the potentially lethal behavior.