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Tow Truck Tracking And GPS Systems

towtruckHave you ever had a tire blow on your way home from work or the store? Or how about some other mechanical issue with your car that left you stranded on the side of the road having to call a tow truck company? If you ever called a tow truck company and the tow truck driver arrived to rescue you within the hour then you more than likely called a company that used GPS tracking system devices in their fleet of trucks for routing.

Tow truck tracking has multiple benefits for customers and for the tow truck companies themselves. From the companies’ perspective, a tracking system can act as a theft-prevention/recovery system if the expensive equipment is ever stolen, and calculate the mileage driven by each tow truck driver for tax and billing purposes. From the customer perspective, tow truck tracking is helpful because when they call into the tow truck company the dispatcher can easily view real-time tracking system data to see which company vehicle is closest to the area where the person in need of help is and easily route them over. Tow truck tracking helps improve routing, which results in reduced customer wait times and higher customer satisfaction.

Tracking Tow Trucks

Efficiency and customer satisfaction are critical in the tow truck line of work since the customers who call for services are usually in need of help and are in bad moods, making fast and accurate routing and fleet management essential. Although a tracking system addresses those needs, what the GPS system also addresses is improved security for the vehicles. With a single tow truck costing anywhere between $50,000-$100,000, tow truck tracking can give tow truck companies an easy way to protect their mobile assets if a theft were ever to occur. Additional security over assets is important, especially when those assets generate the revenue for the company.