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Tracker Device ROI

Vehicle Management Cost-Saving Calculations

GPS tracking systems are helping businesses large and small all across the globe increase company profit and vehicle management strategies. This is why companies have been investing in fleet management solutions as a simple way to reduce labor costs, boost revenues and audit employee productivity/performance. GPS monitoring technology can offer other benefits to businesses that include:

  1. Eliminating Wasted Miles By Improving Route Management
  2. Reducing Unnecessary Trips
  3. Stopping Unauthorized Use Of Company Vehicles
  4. Organizing Mileage Logs
  5. Auditing Employee Productivity & Performance
  6. Accessing The Location Of Any Employee With A Few Simple Mouse Clicks

All across the globe service-based businesses, distributors and manufacturers are all saying the same thing; that business has slowed down immensely from the global economic crisis. Making a profit, sustaining profit and growing more profit can be challenging in even the most flourishing economic conditions, but with the recession wave crashing on just about everybody, the game has become much more difficult. Although times may be tough, one of the most simple and best strategies to maintain or grow company success is through internal evaluation of wasteful spending. This is because wasteful or unnecessary spending can have a direct impact on businesses’ weekly, monthly and annual earnings.

  • How much money is being wasted from employees taking longer routes than necessary?
  • How much money is being thrown away from employees starting work late, taking longer breaks or leaving work early?
  • How much wear and tear is being placed on company vehicles from unauthorized usage?

GPS tracker technology is the perfect monitoring tool for validation and verification of the proper use of company time and mobile assets. Whether the vehicle tracker system is a data logger or real-time tracking solution, the investment will pay off for your business, and it will pay off big!

Tracking System Direct has created this special ROI calculator for companies interested in learning how much revenue a vehicle tracking solution could save them weekly, monthly and annually through reduction of overhead costs. When expanding cash flow and increasing profit/revenue is the goal, businesses both large and small will agree that reducing internal unnecessary spending and boosting production is the solution. GPS fleet tracking technology provides those solutions and more!

GPS monitoring devices are one of the simplest and easiest investments a company can make to turn the poor performance into production and profit.