Law Enforcement

Tracking Device Busts Burglar

Hutchinson Police Use GPS Tracking To Get Evidence

GPS Tracker Shows Incriminates Burglary Suspect

When a string of home burglaries left Kansas law enforcement agents looking for more evidence against number one suspect Michael Carignan they did what any proactive police force would do, they turned to GPS tracking surveillance.

After receiving a warrant from a Kansas judge, Hutchinson Police placed a GPS tracking system on the vehicle of Carignan’s girlfriend and let the tracking device do the investigative work. The GPS tracker recorded everywhere Carignan’s girlfriend’s black SUV went from October 16th-November 3rd, providing police with crucial evidence in the burglary cases.

The information from the vehicle tracking unit showed that the black SUV was near 7 of the homes that were burglarized around the time they were burglarized, confirming the Hutchinson Police’s suspicions that Carignan was indeed the culprit behind the multiple aggravated burglaries and theft.

Carignan was previously convicted for burglarizing 21 homes in the early part of 2003, serving over 6 years in prison for his crimes. A District Attorney familiar with the criminal stated that Carignan was simply a serial burglar who would continue to commit predatory crimes as long as he were free to walk the streets of Hutchinson.

While under surveillance from the police GPS tracker system, over eight burglaries occurred in the Hutchinson area.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the burglaries confirmed that a black SUV was the burglar’s getaway vehicle.

Hutchinson Police did not specify if the Flashback GPS, a GPS tracker heavily used by law enforcement agencies, or the SilverCloud GPS tracking system, a live tracking tool, were the monitoring systems used to bring down Carignan’s crime spree.

Source: TMCNET