Law Enforcement

Tracking Device Helps Daytona Police

Cash Spiked With GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracker Leads Daytona Beach Police To Bank Robber


Bobby Ray Earl probably thought he had nothing to worry about after he stole a bag full of cash from a local bank off Speedway Boulevard near Daytona State College, but little did he know a little GPS tracking system was transmitting his position to police the entire time.

Earl walked into a local bank near the site of the famous Daytona 500 Speedway track early Thursday morning, telling a bank teller that he didn’t want to hurt anyone but that he needed money. The frightened bank teller met the bank robber’s demands, giving him a bag full of cash. However, the quick-thinking teller also placed a live GPS tracker that transmitted the location of the bag in real-time with the cash.

The GPS tracking device led the Daytona Beach Police authorities near the Halifax medical center.

When the cops arrived they spoke with Earl and calmed him down, convincing him to give himself up. The police were then able to recover the stolen cash and arrest Earl without anyone being harmed.

When asked about the role the GPS system played in the capture of Earl, a spokesman for the Daytona Police stated “This is simply another example of how technological tools (police GPS tracking devices) continue to improve the way law enforcement are able to conduct investigations and bring criminals to justice”.

Source: Fox News