Tracking Dogs With GPS


Pet Tracking System

Would You Invest In A GPS Pet Safety Product?

puppyGPS tracking system technology has proven that it can hold its weight at the consumer and businesses levels, providing the solution for parental observation of teen driving habits and ultimate fleet management solution for companies with mobile assets. However, there is another form of GPS monitoring that has become popular among animal lovers, and the application is known as pet tracking.

Pet tracking refers to a dog owner monitoring the movements or “paw activity” of a dog via GPS tracker. How it works is a tiny GPS receiver along with a cellular data transmitter are engineered inside what looks like an ordinary dog collar, but with a little more bulk. The collar will then record and store the everyday movements of the dog. Dog owners can then review the “paw activity” by accessing the information stored upon the GPS collar by going online. Discovering a dog’s location and everywhere they went is only a few mouse clicks away thanks to GPS dog tracking technology.

The reason why dog tracking systems are so popular is because many dog lovers will do just about anything to safeguard their pets. Many dogs are more than simply pets, they are viewed as family members or children. This is because dogs have a natural tendency to be compassionate and show unconditional love to even people who abuse them. This is a testament to how much love dogs have have. At the end of the day, people invest in dog tracking devices because they want to take every precaution in safeguarding their loved one, even if that means harnessing GPS technology to do so.

GPS Tracking Opinion

GPS tracking units transmit information over cellular networks in the same way in which cellular phone calls are made, and because so, some critics question how safe it really is having a GPS transmitter next to a dog’s neck 24/7. The critics present the question, “How safe really are dog tracking systems?” They suggest a GPS collar is comparable to having an active cell phone attached to your neck all day.

Would you invest in a dog tracker to safeguard your pet?